Friday, May 25, 2007

Sueiiiiiiii-how do you spell souiiiiiiiiii?

this image really disturbs me. i hope daddy also taught this young lad you kill it-you eat it!

geez! hope you like pork kid. (hubby thinks this is photoshop and i'm being gullible)

anyway-life has been insanely busy in my world-i've been stressing big time-finishing up the school year, trying to get the garden in, baby chicks and building the coop extention, getting passports for brother's wedding, teen issues and trying to get ready for the end of the year homeschool field trip to yosemite-we leave tuesday! i'm so unprepared-our camping gear is getting so funky-having to go thru everything-i think my tent will make it thru one more trip-it's started to get thread bare.

i wanted to share with you my latest favorite dead artist- Chiura Obata. he came to san fransisco in 1903 from japan when he was 18. he's like the georgia o'keefe of yosemite(to me.)he did amazing water colors and color woodblock prints. check him out-i never heard of him till i went to yosemite last october. i wish the book were mine-i checked it out from the library. but i did get these cards while i was there.

i want to weep when i see these pictures-out of such incredible beauty. i wish i could have hung out with him. he was doing these works in the 20-30's. he was imprisoned during WWll at the japanese prison camps

in the fiber realm-not much is happening-i did get some dyeing done.-i've been really into yellow lately.
i hope to bring my handspun fauklands wool for socks on our trip-fun and festive green-there's a picture in a past post. maybe i can enter them in the fair this year.

i'm happy to discover one of my most favorite "store bought beers" (hubby's are the best!) has gone to a solar powered brewery.

ralph(past post) the digital photography teacher at our homeschool charter just got back from new orleans and caught some crawdads and brought them back for the kids to eat. i had some too-yum yum! ralph is taking us to yosemite.
well i don't know if i'll have time to post before we leave as i'm trying to get more banjo practice in (as i totally suck) amongst 1000 other things i'm trying to get done-i'm a member of our historical society here in my lovely mining town and we have a history gathering this week end that i'm working at. always good stories.
i 'd like to leave you with another pic from son-some awesome and worth while graffitti:


JAK said...

love the graffiti.

le jardin rouge said...

I also saw this utterly gross photo and article about this young lad who goes around priding himself in hunting, etc.- of course completely encouraged and I imagined cheered on by his father and friends. They stated happily that they should deem 400lbs of sausage or so from this beast that the 11 yr old butchered.
Okay so maybe it’s a good thing that they are actually going to eat the meat and I must say that it’s not THAT – that disturbs me, but rather the fact that they are raisin this kid to be a killing machine. My god – he shot a deer at the early age of 5! While his mates were out skipping rocks and playing hide and seek, he was learning how to load a gun, aim it and take a life from this earth. Wheeew… too heavy for me at this early hour of the morning, but I couldn’t help myself – had to comment.

Hope your trip is relaxing, peaceful and all that you hope it to be – looking forward to the photos.