Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm gonna kill him!

This is not the first time "blue" has wrecked a valuable skein-i know it's my fault for leaving the skein at his level-but......i feel like weeping. but i can't. my tear ducts are completely dried up after last night's friday movie. I watched the 1969 version of "david copperfield" and just sobbed and sobbed. Okay i admit to having a slight case of PMS. But why did it have to be my chartruese skein of targhee wool yarn from "sweet grass" and not the cheap-ass "knit picks" skeins next to it-sigh. nothing against knit picks yarn-i use it all the time! but you fibery folk know exactly what i mean. at least it was not a skein of cashmere, buffalo or quiviet. (uh-right steph-you don't own any of those luxury fibers....guess i better not get any.)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"blue" in action

here's blue checking out a praying mantis.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

for the love of gudrun!

okay- can i just say i'm gaga for Gudrun! She is such an amazing designer and she has the coolest name! GUDRUN- it's so fun to say! GUDRUN GUDRUN GUDRUN! say it-just give it a try:GUDRUN. okay okay enough weirdness. i found her on RAVELRY-of course! she also has an awesome and ever inspiring blog. i need to add her to my blog list!

normally i focus on the free patterns that ravelry offers- believe me there are tons! but every once in awhile i just have to buy a pattern-and they make it oh so easy to do and it downloads right to your computer!-oh for the love of technology. which is where i found GUDRUN'S "moch" sweater pattern- it was an instant "have to have!" no debating here! check it out! i even have some yarn in my stash for it!! hubby will appreciate that! here is Gudrun modeling her creation:

isn't that just the cutest sweater ever? i think so! and as soon as i'm done with the thanksgiving show and holiday gifts-i'm going to embark on this-really! and i will finish it! really!

been dyeing up a storm- only a few pictures though. here are some BFL rovings for spinners.

LOOK at that crimp~! dreamy,eh? okay-some of you non fiber folks maybe be thinking "what the hell is BFL?" it stands for a breed of sheep-Blue Faced Leicester. glorious stuff i tell you! here's the magnificent creature the fiber comes from:

here's some more fiber-you can see the rovings on the left are BFL by the amazing crimp!

hope to get more pictures but i need to get them ready to take to meadowfarm tomorrow-so we will see if time permits.

on the garden front-it is done except for the 2 kale varieties-dino and purple, garlic and a special kind of boc choy-can't remember the name!

liam loves making my kitchen window above the sink esthetically pleasing for me. he cleans my insulators for me, arranges them and always puts fresh cuttings from the property. i think this cutting is from the coffee berry. and course some oak!

good news and new shoes!

as usual life has been way too busy. we had our first storm-it was a bit of a let down as the weather folks made a huge deal of it-but i shingled the roof of the banty bungalow and got many winterizing chores done-forgot to clean the rain gutters though-damn! our front porch was bombarded with acorns and oak leaves-
chicken little would have been totally freaking out at my house that night-total universe destruction from his point of view. sounded way worse than it was. but my freshly planted garlic got a great watering!

the good news of the day-rhodie and i got accepted to the mendocino arts and craft fair thanksgiving weekend. totally psyched but freaking as we have tons o work to do. business cards, booth design etc. we have a general idea-but need to fine tune it. and we need a cheap motel!!!! not an easy find in mendocino-might have to lodge in fort bragg.

i've been away from the ocean way too long! i can't wait to go!! been dyeing yarn:

here's some dye day results:

bummed that this skein below has some light spots in it! i was not liking the colors at all-i got fed up and disgusted and grabbed some orange dye and sponged it all over and loved the results-i love transforming ugly colors by mixing unusual combinations and seeing what happens-the result is not always pleasing to the eye but most of the time it is. the problem-very hard to recreate colors when i put my mad scientist coat on.

the following is a result of a new technique i tried called sprinkle dyeing. where you just sprinkle dye powder onto the wet yarn and spray it down and bake. i solar cooked it in the last of the hot summer turned out a bit grainy for my liking. i did a few more of these but have no pictures. been dyeing roving as well but was without a camera for awhile so missed many kodak moments. will try and catch up. need to get back to work- oh! almost forgot- i'm so loving my cheap-ass $15 dollar new shoes. check them out-sorry there is no calico to go with them..yet! neo-amish photo shoot has to happen.

i leave you with a picture of the Blue dragon- so worried i'm goin to go somewhere without him he has taken to napping on my shoes!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fiber celebs and missing the boat!

i think i'd like to rewind my life a bit and post on happenings in my life that i have not yet blogged about. many weekends ago-seems like a lifetime ago-my LYS ("local yarn store" for those of you that are not fiber minded)-MeadowFarms Yarn Studio held a champagne "GALA" affair celebrating and honoring some local celebrities.

the fall issue of "spin off" featuring an article by our very own famous & fabulous Sara Lamb!!!!! "the fall leaves shawl saga-make 1 shawl 11 ways!" there were a lot of shawls and scarves to knit so she called upon 4 more of our "local" (as well as one other out-o-stater-that be you deb!) talented knitters that spin as well as dye their own fiber to help her in this conquest. (note-autographs below)

the "Gala" was also celebrating a new book which featured 2 of Sara's knitting patterns! yes, i had to buy both!

Sara is pictured below on the left along with Eileen Lee-one of the celeb shawl knitters!

here is Sue Flynn below- dyer, spinner and knitter extraordinaire (on the right) after autographing comrade Rhodi's magazine! Dee Jones was there as well but Lindsey Cleveland did not grace us with her presence. where were you Lindsey?

MeadowFarm was full of life and color that Saturday! here's Kate and Barbara Sue always ready for a good time!

now, i debated with myself quite awhile whether to put this next bit in or not. but i figured-ah, what the heck. why not-being that i'm rather low on the spectrum of fiber celebrity-ness a little bit of notoriety couldn't hurt. it's my 15 seconds of fame! ha!

Okay-i'm not used to this but..........see the green yarn below:

pictured on page 67-yes that's page 67-in the new fall issue of Spin off- is green wool i dyed! yes, it is really true. see below:

how cool is that? trying not to brag here. BUT how lame can i be? now check this out:

on page 72 at the end of the article are the Resources-(see above) my etsy shop in print for all to see! guess what? my shop at the moment is empty-ZERO, NADA, ABSO-EFFIN-LUTELY EMPTY! heavy sigh! can you believe it? missed that boat! better get off this machine and get me arse busy!!