Saturday, October 17, 2009

good news and new shoes!

as usual life has been way too busy. we had our first storm-it was a bit of a let down as the weather folks made a huge deal of it-but i shingled the roof of the banty bungalow and got many winterizing chores done-forgot to clean the rain gutters though-damn! our front porch was bombarded with acorns and oak leaves-
chicken little would have been totally freaking out at my house that night-total universe destruction from his point of view. sounded way worse than it was. but my freshly planted garlic got a great watering!

the good news of the day-rhodie and i got accepted to the mendocino arts and craft fair thanksgiving weekend. totally psyched but freaking as we have tons o work to do. business cards, booth design etc. we have a general idea-but need to fine tune it. and we need a cheap motel!!!! not an easy find in mendocino-might have to lodge in fort bragg.

i've been away from the ocean way too long! i can't wait to go!! been dyeing yarn:

here's some dye day results:

bummed that this skein below has some light spots in it! i was not liking the colors at all-i got fed up and disgusted and grabbed some orange dye and sponged it all over and loved the results-i love transforming ugly colors by mixing unusual combinations and seeing what happens-the result is not always pleasing to the eye but most of the time it is. the problem-very hard to recreate colors when i put my mad scientist coat on.

the following is a result of a new technique i tried called sprinkle dyeing. where you just sprinkle dye powder onto the wet yarn and spray it down and bake. i solar cooked it in the last of the hot summer turned out a bit grainy for my liking. i did a few more of these but have no pictures. been dyeing roving as well but was without a camera for awhile so missed many kodak moments. will try and catch up. need to get back to work- oh! almost forgot- i'm so loving my cheap-ass $15 dollar new shoes. check them out-sorry there is no calico to go with them..yet! neo-amish photo shoot has to happen.

i leave you with a picture of the Blue dragon- so worried i'm goin to go somewhere without him he has taken to napping on my shoes!


soxchik said...

Are those chukka boots? I am so glad you're getting your first show. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Birdsong said...

Yay for getting into the show... let me know if there's a way I can help you grrls get ready... that's what neighbors are for.

magnusmog said...

Congratulations on getting into the show:)

DawnK said...

Cute boots. Congrats on getting into the craft show! Does Blue like to go everywhere you do, too? Jasmine is just offended if she doesn't get to come in the car. She lives for car rides.

wooly daisy said...

thanks for the congrats you all! and yes, Dawn-blue wants to be everywhere and anywhere i am.-good for the ego-eh? ha!!!! he loves the car and gets real upse if he can't sit shot gun next to me in the front. last winter he would try to attack the windshield wipers!!

Sharon said...

Buster is like Blue. Today is his turn for a walk and he's guarding my shoes. Your boots look like Clark Treks - I used to have a pair (over 30 years ago!) Love the dye results.