Wednesday, May 21, 2014


praying for persimmon seems to be the hot topic on my facebook page and i feel like i have some explaining to do.  i seem to have friends who are praying for persimmon as if she were a dying pet or friend.  i suppose vague posts such as "pray for persimmon"  or "is there persimmon at the end of the tunnel?" could have something to do with this.
  my apologies to all who have been concerned or worried.  you see, when i talk about or mention persimmon i am referring to my dream bike and its colorway. 

check out her paint job-persimmon, sigh! swoon!  i think its the best bike color i have ever seen.  i am in love.  this color sings to me.  makes me want to jump on this bike, hit the trails and ride and ride and ride!  she is a Juliana Origin Premeiro.  i have been jonesing for this bike for a long time. full- suspension with 29 inch wheels!  woot! the problem is i just don't have the funds so i started a go fund me account called "will knit for dream bike" to help raise money for for my dream bike.  please check out my link for more info!
  you may still be slightly confused as to why "pray for persimmon."  well, excitedly i am half way to my fund raising goal so my local bike shop suggested i order it now as it can take a while.  much to my horror my beloved persimmon colorway is sold out in my size!  talk about a major blow.  i was crushed and totally joyless when i heard the news.  i could not believe it...  and to top it off the company didn't know if they were getting more in.  more depression.  some of you may think this is a petty reason for depression as they still had my size available in white.  excuse me? did you say white?  white? white? was that color you just mentioned white?  my dream bike is not white but persimmon-  i don't want an effin white bike.   no way, no how, never gonna happen. i love color and i'm a very visual person. if i'm going to spend a lot of money on a bike i'm going to like the color.  white! gaaaaaagggg! off with your heads!...... see for your self!

can you say boring!  now, i'm not a materialistic person and i don't ask for much.  but this just took the wind out of my sails. when i look at the persimmon colored bike it calls to me:  come and play with me!  when i see the white version all i see is: im not persimmon and never will be. taunting me. okay, enough ranting!
  i believe in the power of positive energy and thoughts or prayers as some call it.  so i decided to put it out there and let the prayers begin. so i've been telling everyone to "pray for persimmon."  guess what?  i heard thru the grape vine that there might be more available august 1st!!!!!  hence the "is there persimmon at the end of the tunnel?" post.  please help me out here and pray for persimmon!  feel free to donate to my cause as well and receive a groovy hand knit item or hand dyed yarn!!!  i also would like to thank all the generous wonderful folk who have donated already.  you rock and i soooooo appreciate it!