Tuesday, March 26, 2013

spring delights

spring is definitely here!  the hens finally started laying again.  i was not happy buying eggs and chicken feed!  driving the canyon to town this past week the bush lupines, indian paint brush and blue dicks are blooming!  even the laundry on the line smells fresh and alive.

our lettuce is doing mighty fine.  i just planted some radishes, kale, rainbow chard and more salad greens.

 looks like i need to do some thinning!

i've been knitting up a storm lately.  trying to finish katie's cowl-made from luscious baby alpaca-ran out of yarn.  my lys is out and they are trying to find me a skein so i can get this to poor katie's cold neck before summer.

here is my dark and lovely merino/cashmere ananke shawl.  the yarn is from pigeon roof studios.  love her stuff!!!  so bummed she was not at stitches this year.  the picture does not capture the colors at all.  so much better in real life.

my daybreak shawl which i renamed "north sea quarry" is turning out nicely.  western sky knits dyes wonderful colorways as well.

how's that for a quick update.  now i must get out and walk the dragon!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stitches west revisited!

leaving "stitches" early was a bummer.  but i knew where i needed to be.  home with my sweet boy.  see previous post for more details.

after i got on the road to head home hubby called to say they were going to wait for surgery.  i was stuck in san jose friday rush hour traffic.  i knew there was no turning back.  even if i did return to stitches-i couldn't enjoy myself.  it took me 6 hours to get home- what a nightmare. san jose has the worst radio stations! can't believe folks deal with this traffic on a regular basis-insanity!

one of my favorite items i came home with was a soxchik original totoro project bag!  check out her etsy shop here.  i need to get a better picture.

my new buttons:

 i usually like to give my opinions on the market place each year. keep in mind that i only saw about half of it-so it's not a fair evaluation. but here are my thoughts and a few awards:

prettiest booth once again- a verb for keeping warm!  sorry i didn't get any pictures this year.  check out their blog-you can see some there.  verb's booth is always so warm, inviting and cozy- you just want to stay and hang out-and sell yarn for them. the wonderful and amazing knit designer romi was sharing a booth with them.  i bought her kleio shawl pattern and had a great chat with her about the edmund fitzgerald.

my favorite "newbie"  booth award goes to sweet fiber from british columbia!  i bought some yarn in the color way "shipwreck" for my edmund fitzgerald shawl.  although they were a bit young to appreciate my edmond fitzgerald chatter they humored me and pretended to care.  here's a photo i stole from their blog- click the link above to see the rest of their pictures!  yum!

the award for funnest booth of all times definitely goes to fickle knitter!  kindred spirits at that booth i tell ya!!! you simply must click on the link which takes you to fickle's recap of stitches!  you can watch the stitches harlem shake flash mob.  i mean what other booth has an abundance of fun masks, devo hats, a disco ball and a karaoke machine???  unfortunately, liam's accident happened before soxy and i had a chance to try out the karaoke machine.  maybe this is a good thing?  fickle has awesome patterns too!

this is how i want to remember this years stitches adventure- gazing into the eyes of a a real life unicorn- stitches west rocks!!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

stitches west 2013

February was quite the month i tell you.  feeling rather exhausted from it all.  i entered a new decade-which shall remain nameless.  thanks to AARP for reminding me.  guess i shouldn't feel so bad michael jordon got one too.

as the west coast fiber community knows- February is also the month of stitches west-the most amazing fiber convention ever.  it takes place in the santa clara convention center.  it's my yearly treat of fun and fiber and many many belly laughs.  so good for my soul.  

this year -stitches had an unfortunate ending for me.  here's the scoop:  i arrived on thursday-alone.  my friend and partner in crime known as "rebel rhodi" was unable to attend this yearrhodi has accompanied me every year.  stitches would definitely not be the same without her in tow!

i had a 1:30 class -intuitive chart reading with rock star cookie a.  what a great class!  cookie is an awesome teacher!!!  while i was in class soxy sue aka sox chik flew in from michigan!  the fiber trash girls were assembling!!!!  after class, met up with everyone and got ready for the thursday nite market- my favorite thing at stitches.  crowds are manageable and special deals abound.  it's great to take your time and browse. 

i made my usual stops.  imagiknits for some malabrigo goodness, a verb for keeping warm, western sky knits, becoming art, knitwhits and many others.  here's my score from the thursday market.

soxy found a devo hat at the fickle knitter booth.  what more could you ask for????? 

 and yes, the other hat is a roasted turkey hat!!!  after the market we retired early for once.  getting ready for the big friday shopping spree.  i brought soxy some wine to help her unwind from her travels.

note: the name of the wine.  "old moon"  i felt the need to purchase this wine.  why?  you may ask.  perhaps it was the fact my bday was approaching.  perhaps it was the fact that a few weeks previous my not so darling hubby called me a crone. "i'm still bleeding," i shrieked!!!  (no offense to you crones-but i'm not quite there yet!)  he denies it now. excuse me? i may be perimenopausal but i know what i heard!!  anyway- when i saw the wine at trader joe's i just had to get it.  in honor of us crusty ole moonies.

friday morning came- soxy and i enjoyed a great breakfast in the lounge! 

best raspberries ever!!  we headed over to meet up with the rest of the fiber trash girls when we spotted the best dressed stitches attendee of 2013.  isn't she fabulous?

here's a close up of her skirt: i want one!  she said she got it on etsy!

her fishnet stockings and fur boots were the perfect touch!  oh yeah- nice sweater too!   

we wanted to do something special for friday market day and barbara sue has an extensive vintage(1960's) big smith overall collection.  perfect!

our dream was to have the whole fiber trash girl clan wear them.  but it didn't work out as not all folks were there yet.  she brought like a dozen pair!  you rock Bsue!!  we were ready to hit the market!

the yarn fumes had gotten to us and we were wandering in a daze when we realized we really needed to go row by row cause we missed so much the night before.  next thing we know-it's lunch time-soxy finished up at the habu booth and we were going to head back to the room for lunch-and then, my phone rang.  bummer. big bummer.  it was liam's school.  he had fallen on the stairs and broken his ankle.  long story short- i split.  docs were talking surgery and i needed to be there.  as i was leaving the rest of the fiber trash girls were arriving-boo :(
i leave you now with a photo of felted morning glories.

stay tuned..more to come!