Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stitches west revisited!

leaving "stitches" early was a bummer.  but i knew where i needed to be.  home with my sweet boy.  see previous post for more details.

after i got on the road to head home hubby called to say they were going to wait for surgery.  i was stuck in san jose friday rush hour traffic.  i knew there was no turning back.  even if i did return to stitches-i couldn't enjoy myself.  it took me 6 hours to get home- what a nightmare. san jose has the worst radio stations! can't believe folks deal with this traffic on a regular basis-insanity!

one of my favorite items i came home with was a soxchik original totoro project bag!  check out her etsy shop here.  i need to get a better picture.

my new buttons:

 i usually like to give my opinions on the market place each year. keep in mind that i only saw about half of it-so it's not a fair evaluation. but here are my thoughts and a few awards:

prettiest booth once again- a verb for keeping warm!  sorry i didn't get any pictures this year.  check out their blog-you can see some there.  verb's booth is always so warm, inviting and cozy- you just want to stay and hang out-and sell yarn for them. the wonderful and amazing knit designer romi was sharing a booth with them.  i bought her kleio shawl pattern and had a great chat with her about the edmund fitzgerald.

my favorite "newbie"  booth award goes to sweet fiber from british columbia!  i bought some yarn in the color way "shipwreck" for my edmund fitzgerald shawl.  although they were a bit young to appreciate my edmond fitzgerald chatter they humored me and pretended to care.  here's a photo i stole from their blog- click the link above to see the rest of their pictures!  yum!

the award for funnest booth of all times definitely goes to fickle knitter!  kindred spirits at that booth i tell ya!!! you simply must click on the link which takes you to fickle's recap of stitches!  you can watch the stitches harlem shake flash mob.  i mean what other booth has an abundance of fun masks, devo hats, a disco ball and a karaoke machine???  unfortunately, liam's accident happened before soxy and i had a chance to try out the karaoke machine.  maybe this is a good thing?  fickle has awesome patterns too!

this is how i want to remember this years stitches adventure- gazing into the eyes of a a real life unicorn- stitches west rocks!!!!

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