Friday, April 13, 2012

SHHHHH! don't tell......

SHHHHHH! don' t tell the fiber trash girls.........but i just couldn't stand it- i HAD to cast on a new project. the junkie needed her fix! but i chose an adorable "QUICK" to knit cowl so i wouldn't add to my towering pile of ufo's that are taking over(see past posts). yes, i finished it in record breaking time! it's called the lacy gaiter by kathy north. the cowl is knitted from noro-silk garden sock. i haven't blocked it yet.

P.S. i am still frantically knitting away on my tappan zee cardigan-i almost lost my mind for a second and turned it into a bolero because i had decided as a reward for finishing the cardigan i could start a new major project-the brown eyed susan shawl from that awesome of all awesome books-juju's loops. see previous post. i even have some shibui yarn ready and waiting in the wings: a luscious merino silk blend. another shhhhhhhhh! i'm suppose to be on MAJOR fiber restriction but i saw it at my local yarn store-meadow farm yarn studio- and it literally jumped off the shelf and into my arms- what can i say? was that a sign or what????

Sunday, April 8, 2012

juju's loops

juju's loops- i've waited for you for so made the trek across the ocean-all the way from london, england. you are now mine, all mine!!!! i'm so happy you are finally here! i want to dance with you.

Juju's loops how do i love thee? let me count the ways.

1. your beautiful patterns- so lovely! i want to make them all! all of them, i said!!!

2.the photography is grand- eye candy! what can i say? knitters porn!!! i want to live within the pages of you!

3. your cute compact size can fit in my knitting bag-i can take you with me wherever i go!

4. your colors and yarns are amazing-i can't help but drool all over you!! i guess you'll have to get your own copy to see what i'm talking about-amazing!!! simply amazing!!!

5. you make me want to commit... commit to finishing projects so i can look as cool as your models!!!

yes, juju- you make me glad to be alive!!! you rock like nothing else!!!!

your creators susan cropper and juju vail, i praise thee, i worship thee and i thank thee. you are true genius!!! they have a wonderful blog that you simply must check out. free patterns too-woot!
my son was able to capture my joy.

P.S. i'm moving to england