Sunday, May 25, 2008

in loving memory of my favorite hobo!

i write this with a heavy heart as our local beloved hero, hobo, folk singer, story teller, and civil rights activist has passed away at the age of 73. you will be so greatly missed utah! you can also read a wonderful letter he wrote recently to our local community radio station-kvmr.

Friday, May 23, 2008

"no chickens in the bed!"

mother nature must have read my pissy blog entry because the temperature went down by about 20 degrees since then! wow! what a difference-i had to put the feather comforter back on the bed-after sleeping with nothing but a sheet for covers. crazy i tell you!

liam's hen-kamakaze has always been very social-in fact she tries to get in the house all the time. the boys always leave the door open so i always find evidence of her and the other girls coming in the's not so bad when they leave these little gifts on the linoleum, but on the carpet-that's a different story. i start yelling "no chickens in the house!" but then i started finding kama in the house with the door closed. hmmm? what the? then i started finding her on our bed. i realized she has figured out how to come in thru the cat door! can you believe it? i got a couple of seconds of it on video but then my camera went out of memory-damn! of all the times. i'll try and post it anyway................ oops! sorry! can't seem to upload the video-i'll keep trying.

now i'm yelling-"No chickens in the bed!!!!"

been doing some dying-not many pictures though-here's a bit: buttery soft merino!here it is plied and complete:i over-dyed some very very pale pink yarn i spun up and wasn't quite happy with the color-here it is now:much better. i had some of the green and raspberry left over -so i mixed them together for a fun color experiment.--i'm sure many of you who know anything about color theory are thinking-is she nuts? she just mixed pink and green together!!!! i of course love the outcome-and am spinning it now. sorry no pics right now-will post later.

i had a great rainy-yes rainy day today(my favorite weather-i love that song by garbage-"I'm only happy when it rains.") anyway- my friend lynn and i went to the farm store today-remember where "insulator" got his new home-to spin for a special memorial day celebration. i actually sold 2 skeins of yarn-i wasn't expecting to sell anything-so i was happy. i got a crock of local butter too!i have much more to post about but i'm ignoring the family again and need to get off this time sucking device-later!

Friday, May 16, 2008

heated pissiness!

jeez-it's effin hot out there! this is sick, unfair and just plain WRONG(notice the use of capitals!) it's still the god damn month of may- and i'm rightfully pissed! it's 5:55 pm and i'm still waiting for the garden to cool so i can work in it. my peas have stopped dead in their tracks-won't go any further-not a flower and only about 15 inches tall. these are climbing peas mind you-not midget peas. the only thing that seems to be happy are the potatoes-they are kicking ass!- yes hot weather tends to make my mouth become unruly.we are at the end of our lettuce i'm surprised it hasn't bolted yet-bastard's so damn hot-and i know i'm being whiner baby-but it's the weekend-and it's too hot to do anything. can't knit, can't spin, can't garden, can't root jack, and forget house cleaning-shit! i spent the morning giving chicken butt baths-long story and i'm too bloody hot to go into the details-sorry i have no pictures but liam is sick(my action photo expert) and the chickens were already stressed out to begin with and making them wait and pose in a tub of water seemed rather cruel. i guess i'll just have to go to ravelry(one of my many drugs of choice and find some groovy new free knitting patterns.) another reason for some slight pissiness-i'm recovering from a wicked blow of poison oak- can you say "elephant woman?" here i am dressed and ready to go to town-
i did manage to spin some roving i dyed a while back- a bit earlier before the sizzle-i love this colorway-looks better in real life though:i know i should be solar dyeing but i can't even manage that-i'm pathetic!

i leave you with a photo of our teenager carey-who can still make me laugh despite my heated pissiness!!! liam and carey were playing-bank robber disguises. ummm-should i be worried?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to all you beautiful wonderful mothers everywhere- i thank you deeply for all you do.

Friday, May 9, 2008

life marches on.....

seems like forever since i've posted. life has been......well,...i' d rather not talk about it, okay?! on the surface things are grand-my mr. greenjeans sweater is growing slowly but nicely.
my garden made radishes:i'm busy spinning and knitting a baby bonnet order-i'm about half way done.the wild irises are blooming-check out the poison oak-which is why i'm itching like hell.hubby has a new homebrew:my neighbor-who has a menagerie of animals , just got some new goats. well, they have decided they like it over here and are escaping and loving the clover and what little greenery we have. the first time it happened-we had 3 goats-with "horns" find their way over. they were in heaven. i called the neighbor and she was not home. we managed to get 2 of the 3 on leashes. what to do???? you can't just let them hang at night-mountain lions on the prowl and now they have babies to feed!!! so we finally got a hold of her via cell phone-she was about 45 minutes away. the neighbor kids helped liam and i walk the goats home having to fend off rogue aikida dogs and traffic on the road. keep in mind these poor goats have only been in their new home 3 days. now they are being leashed and walked avoiding dog attacks etc. we made it to the neighbor and showed her the possible escape route. and by the way-we named the 2 we were able to leash- rosebud and billie sue(after srg. colepepper's daughter in " it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world") the other goat ran into the woods.

the follow day -i was having rhodie and birdsong come over to knit and spin. who shows up again-rosebud!!! this time neighbor was home and came to get her-rosebud didn't seem too happy about the truck ride.bye rosebud!!! she was so sweet!