Friday, May 16, 2008

heated pissiness!

jeez-it's effin hot out there! this is sick, unfair and just plain WRONG(notice the use of capitals!) it's still the god damn month of may- and i'm rightfully pissed! it's 5:55 pm and i'm still waiting for the garden to cool so i can work in it. my peas have stopped dead in their tracks-won't go any further-not a flower and only about 15 inches tall. these are climbing peas mind you-not midget peas. the only thing that seems to be happy are the potatoes-they are kicking ass!- yes hot weather tends to make my mouth become unruly.we are at the end of our lettuce i'm surprised it hasn't bolted yet-bastard's so damn hot-and i know i'm being whiner baby-but it's the weekend-and it's too hot to do anything. can't knit, can't spin, can't garden, can't root jack, and forget house cleaning-shit! i spent the morning giving chicken butt baths-long story and i'm too bloody hot to go into the details-sorry i have no pictures but liam is sick(my action photo expert) and the chickens were already stressed out to begin with and making them wait and pose in a tub of water seemed rather cruel. i guess i'll just have to go to ravelry(one of my many drugs of choice and find some groovy new free knitting patterns.) another reason for some slight pissiness-i'm recovering from a wicked blow of poison oak- can you say "elephant woman?" here i am dressed and ready to go to town-
i did manage to spin some roving i dyed a while back- a bit earlier before the sizzle-i love this colorway-looks better in real life though:i know i should be solar dyeing but i can't even manage that-i'm pathetic!

i leave you with a photo of our teenager carey-who can still make me laugh despite my heated pissiness!!! liam and carey were playing-bank robber disguises. ummm-should i be worried?


Sharon said...

And then your cranky hot, too-soon heat spilled over the Sierras and gave us a dose. I hate global warming - such a polite name for such a vicious pox.

soxchik said...

I think I can identify that bank robber by the banana scarf! He's too funny. I hate the sizzling heat too, it seems to make me yell and rant more.

liberal redneck said...

Haha! That's no bank robber, It's an incognito cross-dressing suicide bomber!

Jeanne said...

I think your bank robber is doing an impersonation of the Elephant Man, too, don't you think? My daughter likes to play "orphan" so, who knows what in these kids' heads?

I'm sorry about the poison oak. And about the heat (although I am a little jealous--we had 2 days of heat and now we're back to our regularly scheduled rain and wind).

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand how the heat is pissing you off. I hate our humid summers. I always tell people I have some sort of reversed seasonal affective disorder because I get so grouchy in the summer!
I also love the look! Elephant Man is one of my favorite movies. I have such a soft spot for that Elephant Man!