Friday, December 31, 2010

Darn It!

now that the hollydaze are nearing a close-ahhh! yes! maybe i can get back to my regularly scheduled life. always relieved when this happens. all in all in was low key and mellow-so i can't complain.

all you sock knitters out there know and understand the horrors of:

yes, that's right-holes in your precious beloved socks. all the hours of work spent knitting and bam-it happens. and like most of us sock knitters, darning socks is a dreaded chore. i hate it. let me repeat myself: I HATE IT!(yes, that statement deserves capitol letters!!!) until now! recently, while discussing this with a friend, she said- why don't you do what cat bordhi (sock knitter rock star extraordinaire) does? needle felt them baby!!!!! really? never thought of that. so here is my post about needle felt darning.

supplies: styrofoam ball or egg.

felting needles: be careful! extremely sharp torture devices!!!

felting fiber: preferably in a color that matches the socks. make sure your fiber is NOT superwash. you want this stuff to felt!!!

okay- so my fiber doesn't really match the sock but hey- when have i ever been a "matchy" type girl? go with the flo!

stuff a ball into your sock and grab a needle.

lay a piece of fiber over the hole and just start stabbing. if you have a 12 year boy around-this will become his favorite past time. stabbing stuff with sharp implements what more could a boy ask for? my boy was so excited about this project i couldn't get him to do his math-he just wanted to darn socks. in fact he said he'd darn all the socks that needed to be done. yes!!!!

we turned them inside out and did it on the other side as well. keep stabbing till the fabric is real dense and flat.

note math book in back ground!

wah-la! you're done in no time!!!! so quik and easy- and fun!!! great stress reliever too. stab stab stab stab!!!!!! i will keep you updated on how they wear and hold up. one thing i didn't like was using styrofoam-yuck! plus you get little pieces in your sock that you have to clean out. will work on finding an alternative(sponge?) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

this is my last post of the year. i look forward to the new year. may 2011 be all that you want it to be. be careful what you ask for!!!!