Wednesday, February 25, 2009


OMG! the excitement is more than i can stand. tomorrow-on my birthday rhodie and i are heading off the hill to santa clara-stitches west is happening-a very fun knitting event!!!! we are meeting up with soxchik for a few days of fiber bliss. between my b-day $ and my change jar-(i've been saving my change for this very event since last years Stitches and have been rolling coins all morning!!!!) i hope to find some goodies.

no i'm not having beer for breakfast- i began counting last nite and couldn't find my coin rollers. had to borrow a bunch from rhodie this morning as she is doing the same. i took this picture last nite. can you believe there was 98$ in this jar-wow!!!!! guess we'll have to stop off at the bank and trade in it. don't think the vendors at the fiber market want rolled coins. plus it weighs a ton!!!

i hope Kama feels better soon! she's been in the hen spa(aka laundry room) since yesterday.

i have to admit i'm a bit excited to get away from the beast-i mean" blue" for a bit. his adolescence has me worn to the bone. can you believe he weighs 50 lbs. he's almost 9 months old. i wonder how much bigger he will get.
blue enjoyed watching the oscars- especially the commercials! the bunny ears worked!!! and we got the station in-not that i've seen any of the films but i've always enjoyed the oscars since i was a kid. loved the crystal curtains!!!
i took another with the flash on but that showed too much of my unvacuumed carpet!! welll-i have tons to do before the trip-will report when i return!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

ewe are so gorgeous!!!

we are on a week long break from school-liam and i had great plans for this week-getting ready for the upcoming chick arrival. fencing, banty coop building and yet another extension of the existing coop. i love the current moisture we are receiving-but it makes for bad construction time. instead-we've been catching up on schoolwork-due to all the days missed. the call of the sled was just too strong!!!

i have also decided to focus on spinning. seemed like months since i last spun-it was before my back went out. i had been spinning this wonderful Falkland roving i had dyed quite awhile back. bright and breezy!!!the colors are deeper than this. still doing the camera struggle. bright green, aqua and chartreuse! i want to make socks! here it is on the wheel-when i didn't use the flash it was too dark -this with the flash-too washed out and reflective or something. i plied it but haven't set the twist yet!the other night i started some masham wool dyed by pippi. her website isn't up right now so i won't link. gorgeous! i've never spun masham before-very long locks-strong stuff! hopefully enough to make another pair of socks. i struggled at first but-it's coming along fine now. will post pics soon. but check these sheep out-they are from northern england-telly savalis-eat your heart out!!!
oops! sorry telly! i forgot telly passed away in 1994-i'm sure he's got a mane where ever he is. hhmmm- let's see who else can eat their heart out? okay-paul shaffer- eat your heart out!!!!

don't get me wrong-i find bald heads sexy- especially bald women! check out this website! lot's of eye candy there- well-it's not ALL eye candy! but you might like some of it. gotta get back to spinning my masham!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

every knitters nightmare-

-we had a beautiful little snow storm

which knocked out our power and phone-still waiting. good thing for satellite and battery in the lap top. we also have a small generator so roy can continue to work during these times.-it's nice to be able to flush a toilet!

before the storm we headed to sacramento on saturday for free museum day-we go every year. on the way we decided to drop off some recycling--now-most of you won't get the visual here-hey birdsong are you out there?-yes-only you will totally get the full mental picture as i was too distraught to get it on camera.

we dropped off our recycle at the north san juan transfer station-before we left i took my knitting from the back of the car so i could knit some once we got on straight roads-yes-hubby was driving. i was organizing my knitting knitting project(a sweater for liam) as we turned the corner-right when we were in front of the" brass rail"- i start freaking- my yarn my yarn!!!photo courtesy of the web- hubby screeches to a halt right outside of the brass rail- birdsong-it was about 9:00a.m. the booze for breakfast crowd was already hanging outside-i jump out of our subaru shrieking" my yarn my sweater!" the locals stare at me like i'm a freak! as i realize my full ball of yarn dropped on the ground back at the dump- when i took it out of the back of the car-i got in and shut the door. as i was getting situated i realized my yarn was shut in the door and my ball was nowhere to be found.

what can i say? the folks on the porch of the 'RAIL" got a kick out of me jumping out of the car and winding my sweater project all the way back to the dump! you could see the yarn trailing up the road!- i can laugh now but i was freaking at the time. not to mention the yarn is from my stash and is now discontinued as it is very very old-i would not have been able to finish the sweater if i'd lost all that yarn. the yarn is a bit grimy but i'm sure it will wash out-ugh-hopefully!

our first stop was hoppy brewing company as one of our favorite not so local blue grass bands plays there the first saturday of each month. (11am-1pm) great food, good beer and toe tappin tunes!

we then ventured to some of the museums- wow! can you say "recession?" the lines were blocks long-we've never seen it this way-remember -it was "free" museum day. we really wanted to tour the governors mansion-the one nancy reagan poo-pooed! the line was phenomenal- hey nancy- i would have lived there in a heart beat!!!

we were met with line after needed a walk we took him to the river..he had a ball chasing geese, swimming and attacking waves with a vengeance. he went ballistic on a rock sticking out of the if it were an alien.

we ended up at the towe auto museum. one of my favs- i'm a classic car drooler. here's a few of my favs. this 58 edsel station wagon is for sale-love the plaid seats!
next we move on to an awesome beach surfer mobile!!! the wood work was phenomenal!

check out this beauty-note the nice wench on the front! a real working vehicle!

the museum has great dioramas all thru out the place-taxidermy chickens, bears and wonderful mannequins!
there is also a nice collection of old bicycles as well-this one is for you milissa!

wow! i could post like 20 more pics but that would be over doing it a bit. we had a great day even though we only went in one museum.