Wednesday, February 25, 2009


OMG! the excitement is more than i can stand. tomorrow-on my birthday rhodie and i are heading off the hill to santa clara-stitches west is happening-a very fun knitting event!!!! we are meeting up with soxchik for a few days of fiber bliss. between my b-day $ and my change jar-(i've been saving my change for this very event since last years Stitches and have been rolling coins all morning!!!!) i hope to find some goodies.

no i'm not having beer for breakfast- i began counting last nite and couldn't find my coin rollers. had to borrow a bunch from rhodie this morning as she is doing the same. i took this picture last nite. can you believe there was 98$ in this jar-wow!!!!! guess we'll have to stop off at the bank and trade in it. don't think the vendors at the fiber market want rolled coins. plus it weighs a ton!!!

i hope Kama feels better soon! she's been in the hen spa(aka laundry room) since yesterday.

i have to admit i'm a bit excited to get away from the beast-i mean" blue" for a bit. his adolescence has me worn to the bone. can you believe he weighs 50 lbs. he's almost 9 months old. i wonder how much bigger he will get.
blue enjoyed watching the oscars- especially the commercials! the bunny ears worked!!! and we got the station in-not that i've seen any of the films but i've always enjoyed the oscars since i was a kid. loved the crystal curtains!!!
i took another with the flash on but that showed too much of my unvacuumed carpet!! welll-i have tons to do before the trip-will report when i return!!!!


Sharon said...

Oh my, Blue is becoming such a handsome fellow. BTW, if you haven't tried Sierra Nevada's new brew, Torpedo Extra IPA - put it on your shopping list. Tell me if it's not the best thing ever.

Happy Stitches to you~

magnusmog said...

Have a great time at Stitches - you lucky lucky thing!

Birdsong said...

Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time at Stitches.. can't think of anyone who deserves it more:)