Tuesday, March 3, 2009

stitches- part 1

after getting our chores done and families situated rhodie and i hit the road last thursday morning for "stitches west" in santa clara. i mean-heck we were going to be gone a WHOLE TWO DAYS AND ONE NITE for christ sakes. i know-it's a bit much.
after dropping off older son's school books at his mom's house-gee how easy it is to forget these important things when you are 17. rhodie and i hit the bank to turn in our coinage. i had all my coins rolled but 20 bucks in dimes-i ran out of paper rollers. we had the bank in "stitches" over my dime bags!!!!
even the manager had to come over and see what what going on. it was quite a spectacle-i filled her desk with rolled coins. i don't think they really believed us when we told them we were going to a knitting convention. the funny thing was-while i was standing in line at the lisa souza booth the woman next to me said she was just at the bank turning in her rolled coins and her kids gave her their coins too! yes, i think the economy is hurting when us fiber addicts are using our rolled coins to pay for a fix!

after turning in much weight in coins we finally hit the road- made one gas stop and one food stop. us serious fiber addicts know we need to eat in our rooms and not at the Hyatt restaurants-that is fiber money going down the toilet!!!! we got to the convention center in great time- we missed all the traffic- we called soxchik when we arrived-she had generously let us crash in her room. little did she know all "peace and quiet" was about to become an unknown experience. hey- we don't get out much!!! she had been busy in a class-and came to meet us at break. unloading our cargo into her "neat" room-another thing that would become unknown!! she went back to class and rhodie and i sat by the pool had a glass of wine and knitted. we were so excited!! soxchik joined us after class. poor thing her seat was wet-

luckily she had this gorgeous shawl she had recently dyed the yarn and knit, to cover her wet spot-as were just about to go into the Market Preview -OMG!!! we had no time for changing. seriously! unfortunately- no photography is allowed in the market-damn! such eye candy!! i have just a few-some sneak peaks but they didn't turn out so good.
i need to make this entry into 2 posts-sorry gang-but i will leave you with a pic of our daily food intake:firstl-we brought our own water-those aquafinas in the pic-we did not imbibe in-they charge it to your room- the price-slanderous!! as you see there was wine and hummus and tabouli and olives and more wine and cheese and almonds and organic salami and fresh sweet peas. what more do you need? besides more fiber?
okay i lied... one more picture.

we had this bathroom-don't need to go into too much detail here-i could.... but that would be a whole other post..but there was this magnified light thingee that send rhodie screaming out of the bathroom-yes, she is turning 40 this year. little does she know it only gets worse!


soxchik said...

Nice ass!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!

MX said...

didn't mean to be anonymous, it's he AR hillbilly, MX;-)

Sharon said...

My step-daughter went too - she was just as excited as you. I can't wait to see her this weekend and see what she bought!

Birdsong said...

I've been meaning to call, but too sick to really absorb all the great detail. So glad you got to go... now what about a summer event?