Thursday, March 5, 2009

stitches -part 2

i'm still glowing from stitches and now-all i want to do is dive into my new fiber and do nothing else but knit and spin!!!!! damn it!!!! rhodie managed to finish her ultra soft "babushka" scarf while we were there.

here's some lobby action: we protected young agatha(our waitress) straight from poland from predators- yes we are mother hens!!!!

we met Zardra(ravelry name) we invaded her table. during "show and tell" she unveiled her...gasp! ball of qiviut-good scrabble word! for those of you who don't know-it's luxurious fiber from the musk ox! can you say ooh la la ! much petting and fondling occurred!

looks nice with the cab. eh? we won't talk $$$$$. lovely melinda joined us-she got some great thong patterns from white lies designs! we sure had fun at that booth!!

when i go to stitches-i look for things that i can't get from my LYS. i focus on the little people-small businesses-especially family business. i always hit the "sweet grass" ladies from montana-they are sooo nice and have great targhee items from their sheep. they sell other things too-i got some sock yarn and wonderful patti started me on a sock-thanks for the pattern patti!! i'm calling them my patti socks!

i love the tactile booth and a verb for keeping warm as well. wonderful natural dyed goodies!!! i always visit judy from utah- and load up on her dyed corriedale fiber. she's always ready with a good story!!!-this year i got her "lake tahoe"-mmmm-starting to connect with the blues! OMG! a new vendor this year i really enjoy was knitting notions- a family business. mother and daughter drove all the way from nashville tenn. with their treasures. i got a lace shawl pattern and yarn for the shawl-they were so sweet-i just had to support them. their wooden items were amazing too-check out their website!!!

also from tennesse was the fabulous miss babs! what a color extravaganza!!! i bought some BFL roving dyed in the winter pansy colorway-her dyed yarns and rovings are inspired from nature-amazing! there is fibery goodness happening in tennesse!

i could go on and on about the great deals-like the 9$ sock yarn and the 880 yards of undyed merino lace yarn i got for ten bucks... but i think i'll just post a pic of my spree:

yum yum! see my patti socks? i will post a close up later. the coin jar is getting filled again for next year!
when i arrived home very late friday nite i was met with a plateful of homemade chocolate chip cookies-with pecans! i hate cake! my three boys got me the beautiful polish heart plate for my b-day. i collect polish pottery. rhodie got me a beautiful mug set for the holidays and those tea bag holders are from my dear sweet mom!! awhhhh! thanks everyone! it was the best b-day ever!

i encourage you all to check out soxchik's blog as she got wonderful pictures of some of the colorful characters we encountered! thanks soxy for a great time and cozy room!


soxchik said...

I am still laughing.

Sharon said...

Clearly you had a good time. Saw my SD Shazzy this weekend. This was her first Stitches and she had a great time. She was in a little bit of culture shock - it was about the amount of hand-knitted stuff that people could wear, all at one time.

magnusmog said...

Happy ( late ) birthday !

bspinner said...

Happy Birthday! I also have a small collection of Polish pottery. Love your new pieces.

Birdsong said...

So glad you had such a great time! What lovely BD gifts too...