Tuesday, March 31, 2009

potatoes -n-eggs!

lack of posting due to satellite outages and spring has sprung around here and i'm maxed out with time constraints!! i got schooling, chicks coming, garden stuff, our town newsletter, daily normal chores and my fiber obsession.

a few posts back i started these beautiful spring socks-well- i guess i am a "loose gurl!" as i was knitting on size "1" needles-for those of you that are not knitters-they resemble the thickness of fricken toothpicks!! maybe i will post a pic later. it's insane-it hurts my hands to knit with these skewers! well-due to consensus at this month's fiber guild meeting-i need to go to a smaller needle size-what??? a "0" or maybe even a "00"-horrors of all horrors! we are talking hypodermic needles here!! i'm thinking of ripping the sock out and using the yarn for a shawl instead. heavy sigh!

because of my thin needle freak out-i've decided to start ..yes! another project!! using my stash of washable merino-mission falls and make a log cabin blanket!!!-on size "7s"-thank you very much!!! here's the beginning! i love this pattern!

we've been very busy in the garden. we planted our potatoes!!! see the garlic behind liam? and check out my out of control cover crop in the foreground. i planted it last fall in my raised beds-suppose to build the soil-but now i got to till it under!!! before it flowers-and i see little flower buds! gads! help! i think i planted too much!

below we have a cold weather lettuce that was to survive down to 40 degrees-well- this "BIONIC" lettuce went thru many a cold snow storms and is still surviving- it's the lettuce that would not die!!! hey that's a great "B" movie in the making. think of the possibilities!! attack of the killer lettuce-terrorizing sierra nevada foothill residents!!

on the chicken side of things- it was a slow winter...after buying a dozen eggs at the market and showing them to my hens who became very temperamental about laying this winter-they got the message and are on the ball now- many eggs in my fridge now!! quiche for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

i have so much more to blab about but....his royal"blueness" needs a walk and will only go on a walk in my presence....jesus!


soxchik said...

Size 7's are a nice human size. My hands are a little crampy today!

Birdsong said...

Want me to bring a donkey over to take care of that cover crop?! I love the idea of a log cabin blankie, but not necessarily the work. My hands don't like making socks much either... my sympathies.

karen said...

Sometimes I wish I was a little looser of a knitter...my stitches get so tight I have a hard time getting them back on the working needle....ugh! Love the log cabin blanket, too, but fear I wouldn't have the stick-to-it-iveness for such a project. And that "cracks me up" that your hens were inspired by the store-bought eggs! Good going! Your garden looks great...how nice to see lots of green, even if it means lots of work! Happy Spring!

Sharon said...

Oh boy, do I know about the tyranny of a heeler's walk. I go through it every morning - sheesh. I didn't know about cold weather lettuce - must go investigate. I have plenty of time since nothing is growing here but the cottontails.

Anonymous said...