Wednesday, March 11, 2009


life has been very busy here at the ole homestead. schooling, sick animals, construction and fibery goodness consume my days. i'm still working on holiday gifts....gads! i know i know! don't say it. one project i'm very happy with is some fingerless mittens for "she who shall not be named." i had a bunch of this nondescript light gray heather wool. i dyed the yarn in three shades of purple and knit another pair of berry hill fingerless mittens-i LOVE this pattern!

pretty boring eh? add a little color-

i'm very pleased with these. i hope the recipient is as well! it's amazing what a little dye will do!

getting new fiber to spin from "stitches" really got my butt in gear. i finished spinning the masham see past post! so i could begin one of my new treasures. here's the masham ready to spin.

here is the masham spun and plied. i was hoping for enough for socks as it's real strong but i'm not so sure. ugh!

here's another project- a close up of the patti socks i promised! they are coming along swell.

i leave you with a touch of spring- these daffodils are in such poor soil-they are stunted-they are only five inches tall-but still a joy to behold.


karen said...

ooooooh! what great projects, yarn, & dye! i didn't realize you could dye a dark wool like that and come out with such gorgeous fun color! wowie. the newly spun yarn is fantastic, and the socks make me want to branch out, too. and i'm jealous of real in-the-ground daffodils, way up here in the frozen's like a breath of fresh air!

Beryl Moody said...

The fingerless mittens are fab! I think I need to make some.

magnusmog said...

wonderful spinning!

Sharon said...

I love the colors of the masham and would love them in anything they became!

soxchik said...

Great wristers! And the sweet grass sock (Patti) is coming along as well. Will you get them done in time?

Birdsong said...

You sure have been busy in the past week! I love the new spring socks.