Sunday, April 17, 2011

i'm a north fork gurl

bad internet connection and my busy life has certainly gotten in the way of my blogging. i swear i write daily blog posts in my head but they rarely make it to the computer. don't know how you regular folks can keep up with it. i have major fiber related updating to do-but can't dive into it right now. hopefully this week i can catch up. instead, i have a mini post about my favorite river.

i live by three amazing rivers and i must admit the north fork is my favorite. my boy and i woke this morning and decided to take the dragon on a spring hike at the north fork and check it out after the storms and raging waters that carve thru the canyon all winter.

big tree across the beginning of the trail. lot's of storm damage but most of it was cleaned up already. liam was scoping out the trail for future mountain biking adventures.

a few of the big trees still stand! see the bridge below? we almost lost the dragon today. he went down for a drink under the bridge and fell in and couldn't get out. this is a creek that flows into the river-we were very scared as the creek was raging full force and there were bigger falls further down that eventually

end up dumping into

MAYTAG! a rapid named by the river rafters!!! what a relief that Blue was able to get out before reaching the dreaded washing machine! glad you're still with us buddy! even though you can be such a pain in me arse!!!

"what? who me?"
wild flowers were blooming.

the succulents are always my favorite.

video of the river and MAYTAG- you will see why we were worried about the dragon ending up at MAYTAG!

how fortunate we are to live in such an incredible and beautiful place -everyday i am so thankful of this.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Planting Placenta

i can't believe after 13 years we finally got Liam's placenta planted. for 13 years the placenta was housed in this salsa container in the freezer. It survived 4 moves and many many power outages. i can't imagine how many times it has thawed and been refroze. look-the plastic has finally started to deteriorate! just in time i'd say.

we always wanted to plant the placenta under a fruit tree and it finally happened today. anyone who lives in these parts knows that digging holes is no easy feat. the ground is hard, rocky, and full of clay. maybe it's a good thing we waited 13 years as liam was very helpful with the shoveling and picking! note the pick in the background! a must in these parts.

of course the dragon always right there helping!

liam picked a self pollinating skeena cherry for his special tree.

check out the placenta! it's totally molded in the shape of the salsa container.

gee it's a bit frozen still. but the dragon was trying desperately to get a little taste- we had to start burying it.
we planted other trees today as well. let's see, we planted an o' henry peach, a royal blenheim apricot and a mystery fruit tree. we won't know till it grows more! here's the peach tree:

after a day of shoveling, picking, and hauling wheel barrow loads of soil my boy is snoring on the couch and i'm sure feeling it as well. gonna sleep good tonight-i just hope the placenta doesn't attract bears!