Saturday, April 9, 2011

Planting Placenta

i can't believe after 13 years we finally got Liam's placenta planted. for 13 years the placenta was housed in this salsa container in the freezer. It survived 4 moves and many many power outages. i can't imagine how many times it has thawed and been refroze. look-the plastic has finally started to deteriorate! just in time i'd say.

we always wanted to plant the placenta under a fruit tree and it finally happened today. anyone who lives in these parts knows that digging holes is no easy feat. the ground is hard, rocky, and full of clay. maybe it's a good thing we waited 13 years as liam was very helpful with the shoveling and picking! note the pick in the background! a must in these parts.

of course the dragon always right there helping!

liam picked a self pollinating skeena cherry for his special tree.

check out the placenta! it's totally molded in the shape of the salsa container.

gee it's a bit frozen still. but the dragon was trying desperately to get a little taste- we had to start burying it.
we planted other trees today as well. let's see, we planted an o' henry peach, a royal blenheim apricot and a mystery fruit tree. we won't know till it grows more! here's the peach tree:

after a day of shoveling, picking, and hauling wheel barrow loads of soil my boy is snoring on the couch and i'm sure feeling it as well. gonna sleep good tonight-i just hope the placenta doesn't attract bears!


soxchik said...

good luck with your placenta planting. I hope Liam's tree flourishes!!!

katjoy said...

I just have to ask - I was fumbling around on Ravelry, and came upon your blog, and I just don't know what you are doing in planting a placenta. Is this a tradition, or of some other significance? And how were you able to acquire it, did you home birth or did you ask the medical professional assisting in the birth for it? I am very curious. I guess if it's not anything you're willing to divulge, I will understand.
Thank you.
Kathy in Bartlett, IL

magnusmog said...

Sounds like a great idea for a placenta - may it give lots of goodness to the tree!

woolydaisy said...

Katjoy- yes, it's a special ritual to do for your child so they have a special tree to grow up with. the placenta nourishes the tree. we were renting when our child was born - we wanted to wait to plant it till we were in "our" place. even though we've been here for years we finally got around to doing it!!!!

Caprifool said...

Now, I'm not as shy of some of the stuff I keep in my old freezer an more. Rabbit skins, a five year old turkey, a few hundred quail, goatskins, birch sap, a few other skulls and carcases....etc. etc. But no placenta :-)