Sunday, February 1, 2015

super bowl sunday 2015

well, not really.  this is more realistic to what i am doing:

im dancing around the house to "new order" one of my favorite bands, getting pumped for my mountain bike ride.   my ride started out great.  newly groomed trails done by BONC(bicyclists of Nevada County) ready for me to shred.  

 the rookery!

love riding under this tree!  things were going great, i was cruising, and then before i could react there was a small branch sticking out in the trail-only about an inch and a half in diameter but connected to a bigger tree.  the next thing i know i'm laying on my back, cursing on a pile of logs and branches.  usually my crashes are slow motion.  not this one!  i layed there awhile checking in with all my body parts before i tried getting up.  yes, i was riding alone.  no one to help.  here's some photos of my view point.

managed to get my phone out of my pocket-to take pics!

looking up at the trail!

this was the branch!  i broke it and several others off the mother log so no one else ended up on the debris pile!  

pain relief at home.....what super bowl? i'm just stoked that i got my best time down rebel ridge trail!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

fun and then some

the fiber trash girls pegged the fun meter once again at our annual fiber retreat.  there was a lot of chair dancing to this song, knitting, spinning, indigo dyeing and team "hell raiser" got in a bike ride or two! 

birdsong's cabin is always so inviting

 my basket of goodies

we had fun with indigo dye.  i dyed 2 large skeins of yarn that i had previously dyed with lichen and a silk shirt.  before:


birdsong happily knitting after playing with indigo.

 there was a lot of fiber trash gang signing as well!  the indigo girls are gonna be so jealous when they see this pic!

chrissy sue, barbara sue and i got some exhilarating  mtb riding in!  

made it to the top of sandusky!  note:more gangster signs!

some photos need no explantation.  just enjoy! i mean, i could try and explain. but you just sorta had to be there.  ya know what i'm sayin?

 despite the mysterious ass-biting bug plague we had a hella good time.  and the mexican love cake was fabulous!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

fiber trash girls 2013 a visit with clockwork

the annual fiber trash girls mountain retreat is quickly approaching! i realized what a lame blogger i am as i never found the time to blog about our amazing time together.  last year was extra special as we had an out of town visitor.  i will try to quickly recap for you.   fellow fabulous and funny blogger steven A.  had a request that his hand knit clockwork, a stephen west design shawl travel to all 50 states and beyond.  the fiber trash girls were the lucky chosen ones to have the honor of showing the shawl a good time here in california.  and a good time was had!  as many of you know we meet at birdsong's old miners cabin in forest city. 

Birdsong sporting the clockwork
birdsong's cabin was built in 1872.   i just love it there.

 and yes it's true, we use an honest to goodness old fashioned outhouse!  hella sweet!

but i digress.  back to this stephen A.  clockwork thingee.  the shawl arrived safely via priority mail.  and got right at home with the moonshine and the sacred corncob pipe.

okay, so i got a kazillion photos from our retreat and so much fun was had that i simply don't have time at the moment to go into great detail.  so i will choose some photos to share to give you a tasting of what went on and i guess you'll just have to use your imagination.

what can i say?  love my fiber trash girls!