Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm on the top of the world looking down on creation.......

after posting the last post- i realized i had an unexpected day on my hands. i was giving the "courier" the whole weekend. i was dumbfounded with a whole day at my disposal. once again i was faced with my "to do" list. i looked at my options. finish the roofing on the chicken coop; clean the entire house, fall gardening-including planting my garlic or spending quality time with my sweet boy liam. big brother carey already went back to his mom's house as family was visiting.

i opted for boy time!!!!!! it's been a long time since liam and i played hookie. we always seem to be working! liam loves hanging out at the sierra buttes about an hour north of here. we awoke early and hit the road. first stop downieville. too early for anything to be open but the mountain bikers were there getting ready for end of the season rides. we walked town with" blue" who was very rowdy as he hadn't had his usual morning romp yet. the biker boys loved him and his spunk! ha!
we ventured further north to sierra city. we always have to stop at the mining shop-liam buys glass insultors there. he bought one he didn't have yet-for 5$. he was thrilled.

we decided to be adventurous and go all the way up to the gold lakes region by bassets station. to a destination that left us stranded and stuck in the snow a few father's days ago. yeah still snow in june up there! we wanted to hike to Haskell peak. we didn't make it the first time so many years ago so we decided to go for it. no snow yet-ha!

we drove up the gravel road 8 4/10 of a mile. found the trail head no problem.

wow! it's only 2 miles i say to myself. well after huffing and puffing a bunch i realize it's 2 miles up hill. in fact the trail starts at 7000 feet and ends up at 8107 feet. well, let me tell you-i could feel it! all in heart and lungs-i don't even smoke. i thought i was gonna die. talk about being out of shape. ugh!
here's a view about half way up. the smell was incredible but the air was getting thinner. we trudged onward. i hate to say it but the only thing that kept pushing my ass up that mountain was the fact that i packed one ice cold IPA in my pack. that was to be my treat, my reward for making it to the top.we made it!!! yeah!!! what a view. my camera couldn't handle it. here's liam- photographer in action."blue" walked up this mountain like it was a flat sidewalk-damn him. he wasn't even tired.

in fact he was barking at me to continue..... yeah, i had to growl at him. okay..... i need to be honest here. we actually didn't make it to the tippy top. we were about 50 feet short of it. it's not that we couldn't do it.... rather we had an obstacle and we carefully weighed out our choices. there was a guy up there doing some spiritual work-yes, i spied on him with binoculars. A. i didn't want to disturb his quest and B. he had a huge wolf with him. not that we were afraid of the wolf. they are usually quite mellow, but being that "blue" thinks he's the most bad ass dog around will pick a fight with the biggest dog he can find. we didn't want that to happen on the mountain side. this is the mellow ugly side of the peak-see the guy! but the other side is very steep and a rolling puppy could gain quite the amount of speed and end up in nevada. so we opted to stay on our own peak-we named it "ruff" peak. we had a wonderful snack of apples, crackers and cookies. the way down was easy and quick but hard on my knees-creak creak. we found a stump-liam had to pose with lichen in hand. afterwards we did the interpretive trail at sand pond but all the signs were blank! needless to say.... today is monday and i can barely move ha! but happy for a day well spent. my hips are so sore. i tell the boys...use it or loose it! i need to hike more. i leave you with some eye candy from liams's photos.i just love the bendy trunks... from the weight of the snow!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

my pathethic poor pitiful me post.

when i started this blog, it was mainly going to be about my fiber addiction... mixed in with little tidbits of my rural life. yet, when i look at my blog now i see how busy my rural life has become and how little time i have for my favorite addiction-the very thing that keeps me going. there are no fiber posts anymore. this makes me depressed as i look at other fiber blogs and see how prolific everyone is. i feel unproductive, pathetic and like a real fiber loser!. i so want to create more. i want to delve into my passion- but i also feel incredibly stretched thin in all directions with my responsibilities. so stretched that i feel like some bratty kid just got a hold of me and i'm a freakin Stetch Armstrong doll!

i just want to run into the forest screaming .....uh...i guess i already do that on occasion-the forest always makes me feel better. which is why i don't live in the concrete jungle anymore-as i can revel in the dark side there.

what's a gurl to do? there are just so many hours in day. by the time the daily necessities of life are done-homeschooling, meals, chickens, gardening, dog walking, laundry, property work and what little bit of housework i can manage(just ask hubby) gets done-i'm beat, done, spent...... no energy left for fiber, no energy for banjo practice, no energy for reading or writing. if i do try and partake in some fiber fun during the day i'm plagued with guilt that i should be doing something else. to top it off our family just took on our local town newspaper-the camptonville courier. we didn't want to see it die, as the current editors were letting go after many years of hard volunteer work. our community needs a voice so we took it on rather than see it die. lately, even blogging is starting to feel like a chore instead of enjoyment. insert heavy "sigh!"

it's not like i don't want to do all these things....except maybe the housework-i hate housework with a passion-i'd rather dig a ditch!!!! i just can't seem to do all i need to and do it well-there are compromises. like no laundry or other housework got done when the deck was built. so now i'm trying to play catch up. the paper needed to get done this week. carey and i (as hubby was out of town working hard)managed to get a bunch done in the past few days..yet once again daily chores suffered. i need a house elf! dobby where are you?
now i know i need to calm down and realize no one's "to do" list is ever done. i need to just chill. but it's hard. my new mantra is "lighten up" but mantras have never worked for me. maybe instead.... i just need a new tattoo-that's it some nice big chola script writing up my forearm-on the soft under belly(painful) part with the words"Lighten up!" carved into my arm, yeah- yeah that's the ticket!

nah.... tatoos are too expensive these days. it was a nice thought though.

guess i'm feeling overwhelmed and sorry for myself(boohoo.) i just really needed to vent a bit-yes, i had my cry in the woods too but i have 2 angels to thank who must have sensed my angst... anyone who truly knows me knows 'im a boot gurl-thru and thru....dear friend jeannete gave me some awesome doc martins: check these babies out!!!!

and another friend karen up in washington just sent me a package-a gorgeous glass pendant her brother made. in my colors! the picture does not do it justice.

last weekend i built the deck,but i also started roofing a part of my chicken coop that wasn't finished. it was just painted plywood last winter with a tarp. well, i only got as far as the roofing felt. once again too much on my plate. i 'm dreading the shingles. i need to finish soon as i see the welcomed rain is suppose to be here nov. 1st. i can't let the felt get wet. better get on it sunday!!!
well, another day gone and least we got the paper done today with a bit of aid from rod(thanks!) the previous editor yet i missed the natural dye workshop with Darlene Hayes at sue's house. oh well such is life-i'm feeling better now. thanks for listening and let me whine.

here's a picture of one tired boy and his faithful side kick.

Friday, October 17, 2008

california voters please watch

tom selleck lives

geez, i need to post this before the weekend passes!

last weekend was the second saturday of the month. do you know what that means? it means it was spinning saturday. we meet at the madelin helling library in nevada city and have a ball. well, the 2nd saturday of the month always seems to be my busiest. i missed it again. sigh!

i was busy building(with the help of roy and the boys) a deck for roy's office. a very small deck. i love building yet i'm lacking in knowledge- girls weren't allowed or encouraged to take shop when i went to high school. i sure wish i'd taken shop and auto mechanics. gee- some actual knowledge you could use in life!thanks for the digging guys! Blue really wanted to help-especially with the digging.i was amazed that i managed to get the deck level. it's on a slope. but getting it square was more of a challenge. i didn't manage that one but being that it was a small deck it still worked!i wish i could go to carpentry school-so i knew what i was doing. i have so many projects i want to build. i still need to add a step. not an easy task on a slope.

our garden harvest is ending. here's view of the latest gathering. i hope to get garlic planted this weekend along with some chicken coop roofing.i took blue to the vet for another set of shots. he's doubled his weigh again. blue weighs 27 pounds! he's 4 months old now! even though he was one of the little ones- the vet thinks he could be quite large. dad-the blue heeler is on the large side-mom the red heeler-small, maybe 35 pounds. we'll see. he still has the dingo body. most heelers i see have short stocky bodies. here's blue's tom selleck look.

Monday, October 13, 2008

for the love of diners

i love diners! liam and i have been to point reyes 4 octobers! everytime we drive thru point reyes station to get to the hostel we always want to stop and eat at the pine cone diner.
we have never had the opportunity to stop and check it out. until this trip-yea!!!!! we loved it! not your traditional diner-they have tofu scramble... that liam inhaled. i had a delicious locally grown organic green salad-yum! and you can get a fresh lagunitas IPA served in a chilled milk glass(dairy town!) lagunitas happens to be one of my favorite beers-from petaluma. we were so close to petaluma the beer was fresh-floral! hoppy! delish!check out the decor!the diner-seats folks inside and outside-with only one waitress. wow! i can understand her attitude-ha! but they have the best plate collection i have ever seen!another great thing about point reyes station is the cowgirl creamery. the best local organic cheese i have ever ingested. this was also the first time liam and i ever actually bought some of there cheese-it's kind of pricey....but oh so delectable! we got a small amount of the mt. tam and the red hawk!-orgasmic! unfortunately i have no pictures of the black mountain weaver(artisan) shop. local wool, hand knit items,woven stuff and other fibery goodies! i got some locally raised mohair roving-photo to come. i really want to buy wool that is ethically raised. well, bedtime for younger family members call....must get off the machine! later!! bye!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

point reyes

this damn post has taken me two days to complete - because of our satellite-something about the position of the moon, the satellite and the sun. we will have crappy internet connection till the 18th-oh brother. yes, my life is somewhat better cause of this machine-but at the same time it drives me nuts.

as usual our field trip was awesome! we started out at the western railway museum.

we got to ride on two old street cars-the oldest we rode was built in 1903. the tracks went by the windmills-alternative energy!!!!yea!!! we saw foxes, jackrabbits and cow skeletons. i love and collect bones-i was wanting to stop the car and jump the fence and do some gathering-the conductor was on the the militant side-i didn't think he's go for that.we could have hung out all day-but we had to venture on to the coast-we were about half way there. we got to the point reyes hostel around 5:30.

as i grow older i have some regrets of my spent young adulthood. i didn't know about youth hostels. i could have traveled more. when i was young and unattached i could have gotten a job at a hostel and lived in a groovy little pad like this: and walk to the beach!

tuesday, we woke and made breakfast and sandwhiches for lunch. we hiked from the hostel to santa maria beach.
on the way we saw tons of dew laden spiderwebs. the traditional and the crazy-check out this one.

we hiked north up the beach and hooked up to the coast trail that led back to the hostel. liam and i witness a snake eating a mouse. i was so engrossed i forgot to take a picture...damn! i guess i would never make it as a national geographic photographer. the hike was about 5 miles. the hostel is closed during the day-till 4:30. so we headed to the town of inverness for an ice cream treat. liam and i were ansy. we decided to do some more hiking. we went out to abbotts lagoon. did another 4 mile hike. we played in sand dunes. watched a blue heron up close.

and got to see some california happy cows.
needless to say-we got back to the hostel after dark. tired and hungry. our group had a warm dinner waiting for us-thanks everyone!!!

the next morning we went to limantour beach. liam loves the ocean!!!!

i was very happy to see construction- they were removing dams in the estuary to allow the natural flow to happen and now the salmon could make it back to the ocean!!!

sadly the trip is always too short-here's liam and our beloved teacher betsy-she plans this fall trip every year!!! thanks betsy!!!

when we leave the hostel we have to drive thru one of my favorite coastal towns-point reyes station. i could live there. i love that town. -the only complaint i had- it was warm-even down right hot at times- and sunny. i don't mean to complain-but not enough fog and cold for my liking. i crave fog and mist. i want to wear wool.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

no name post!!!!

wow! how the time flies. i thought i'd better update before liam and i leave on our annual field trip to point reyes youth hostel tomorrow! we always have a ball. i look forward to a visit with the mighty ocean in october as it's the most perfect time at the coast. i need my ocean fix. it replenishes my soul and makes me very happy.

i believe last post i mentioned i would be spinning at the celtic festival. i wish i had taken more pictures but i kept running out of batteries. don't ever buy batteries at grocery outlet-they suck!!! i did manage a few pictures though. my all time favorite band-molly's revenge was there again.
the wee folk enjoyed molly's revenge too!

our fiber guild had a booth for spinning. not the best picture i know-maybe it was the black and tans i was imbibing in at the pub!a big thank you to bj for having a booth for all us fibery people to sell our wares. i was pleased to have sold a baby sweater, hand dyed rovings and hand spun yarn.the booth was beautiful-sorry no picture-uh did i mention the pub? thanks again bj!!!! of course there was an abundance of fairy folk and other creatures-and lot's of guys in skirts.birdsong and i enjoyed the sheep dog demonstration. what amazing concentration!well, i'm needed and must go....but i wanted to leave you with this. remember this beautiful sock yarn i won?well-it now looks this.....a tangled mess!and who could be responsible for this disaster? none other than our sweet little puppy "blue"- who loves his boy and sleeps with him whenever he gets a chance. liam fell asleep listening to the debate analysis. okay-he's too cute to beat! good thing eh? ha! yes, brings back memories of when kitsie was young. see past post. later!