Friday, October 17, 2008

tom selleck lives

geez, i need to post this before the weekend passes!

last weekend was the second saturday of the month. do you know what that means? it means it was spinning saturday. we meet at the madelin helling library in nevada city and have a ball. well, the 2nd saturday of the month always seems to be my busiest. i missed it again. sigh!

i was busy building(with the help of roy and the boys) a deck for roy's office. a very small deck. i love building yet i'm lacking in knowledge- girls weren't allowed or encouraged to take shop when i went to high school. i sure wish i'd taken shop and auto mechanics. gee- some actual knowledge you could use in life!thanks for the digging guys! Blue really wanted to help-especially with the digging.i was amazed that i managed to get the deck level. it's on a slope. but getting it square was more of a challenge. i didn't manage that one but being that it was a small deck it still worked!i wish i could go to carpentry school-so i knew what i was doing. i have so many projects i want to build. i still need to add a step. not an easy task on a slope.

our garden harvest is ending. here's view of the latest gathering. i hope to get garlic planted this weekend along with some chicken coop roofing.i took blue to the vet for another set of shots. he's doubled his weigh again. blue weighs 27 pounds! he's 4 months old now! even though he was one of the little ones- the vet thinks he could be quite large. dad-the blue heeler is on the large side-mom the red heeler-small, maybe 35 pounds. we'll see. he still has the dingo body. most heelers i see have short stocky bodies. here's blue's tom selleck look.


Anonymous said...

wow, I am so impressed with your deck! It is awesome!

BTW I finally have you on a feed, hooray!


soxchik said...

Nice work on your 'deckette'. Great work handling the slope, you're a keeper!

Turbo: said...

Nice deck! I agree with the delight in building, but frustration with lack of skill. Our 08 harvest is also dwindling--sniff, sniff.