Monday, October 13, 2008

for the love of diners

i love diners! liam and i have been to point reyes 4 octobers! everytime we drive thru point reyes station to get to the hostel we always want to stop and eat at the pine cone diner.
we have never had the opportunity to stop and check it out. until this trip-yea!!!!! we loved it! not your traditional diner-they have tofu scramble... that liam inhaled. i had a delicious locally grown organic green salad-yum! and you can get a fresh lagunitas IPA served in a chilled milk glass(dairy town!) lagunitas happens to be one of my favorite beers-from petaluma. we were so close to petaluma the beer was fresh-floral! hoppy! delish!check out the decor!the diner-seats folks inside and outside-with only one waitress. wow! i can understand her attitude-ha! but they have the best plate collection i have ever seen!another great thing about point reyes station is the cowgirl creamery. the best local organic cheese i have ever ingested. this was also the first time liam and i ever actually bought some of there cheese-it's kind of pricey....but oh so delectable! we got a small amount of the mt. tam and the red hawk!-orgasmic! unfortunately i have no pictures of the black mountain weaver(artisan) shop. local wool, hand knit items,woven stuff and other fibery goodies! i got some locally raised mohair roving-photo to come. i really want to buy wool that is ethically raised. well, bedtime for younger family members call....must get off the machine! later!! bye!


Turbo: said...

That cafe felt fab! Loved the backsplash!!!

soxchik said...

Now that's a cool looking diner. Nice and kitschy..... and in a good way. Hopefully there's no chicken fried bacon there!

Sharon said...

Love the cowgirl creamery - love the ice cream. More than that I love the Lagunitas IPA. It's my favorite but boy has it gotten expensive because of the shipping costs.