Friday, August 17, 2007

and she lives!

just when i thought luca brassi (devil cat)lost her R.B.R. (rock, bag, river) status; she has to pull this on me. i finally decide to do something lacy with really thin yarn. something i am unaccustomed to because of an impatient character flaw i seem to have. i want results and i want them quick-i tend to do bulky or worsted weight projects. if you look back to my may 15th post titled rock... bag...river... you will see whom i am speaking about. and yes, it was merino-she has been so good about being nonfibery lately-i got lazy and left my project on a table. but why does she only attack my precious merino fiber. the cat's got taste i guess. and she lives!

look at how fricken thin this yarn is:
my finger nails aren't usually that gross(hopefully.) it took an hour to wind back into several balls. i had to cut in order to save the yarn. but i did it. sigh! i just found a current picture of luca-"mafia maniac" as liam calls her-can you say "linda blair?"yes, you could say i'm more of a dog person. maybe that's the problem.
speaking of my dirty nails-liam and i have been blackberry picking-i want to learn to make jam. wild blackberries run rampant here. we freeze them for winter use-but i really really want to learn to make jam. check out my awesome blackberry picking gloves-i cut the tips off as they were too long for my fingers-but look at that arm protection-yea!
i will end this post with a picture of our treasured swimming hole that keeps us cool during these sweltering summer months.


Sharon said...

Yuba River???

soxchik said...

The berry pickin gloves are very 'Oliver Twist' !