Sunday, August 12, 2007

there's nothing like the fair!

one of the highlights of our summer is the county fair. the nevada county fair is the best county fair i've ever experienced in all my travels. the boys scored this year-carey's poem got a blue ribbon and liam's photographs brought him 2 blues. liam and his best buddy did a diorama of a junkyard and they also got a blue. roy's beer got a second!

our fiber guild always has so many amazing, outstanding and truly creative works of art. my pics of the fiber section don't do it justice so please visit these sites if you want to see some awesome pictures. amy's fair photos. sharon also has some awesome photos-and i'm bummed that i missed seeing amy, sharon and birdsong at the fair this year.-i went on different days. amy's spinning wheel is an art piece in itself. she burned in the outline and then painted it. thanks for the photo sharon!

you really need to see it in real life to see the artistic beauty. it is truly amazing. besides drooling at the fibery goodies; my favorite part of the fair is the animals. here's mama and her sweet babies-wow-she must be the nursing queen. gee, i had so much milk when i was nursing liam i could have fed a litter of piglets too.-umm, sorry if that grossed any of you out but man o man i felt a bit like this sow!
i fell in love with a merino sheep-she loved being rubbed behind the ears-what a sweet pea! and her friend here: ah the sweetness of life.

now, if you ever spend time at the fair you will notice how much the kids are into their animals. -this young lad gladly posed for this photo. he is one proud dude!
every year i watch the haflingers-but i missed them this year. boo hoo! when i win the lottery i will buy me a haflinger. this fellow is mel. a total sweetheart. i also missed the icelandic ponies and working dog demos this year too. lame, i know!
liam's favorite entertainment vessel was some concert band that played glen miller sort of stuff ( gee, is this the same kid who found my old butthole surfer tapes and keeps begging me to play them-ha!) i loved this guy-reminded me of henry fonda in "on golden pond."
i'm very financially fortunate that my kids don't like rides at the fair-i was a freak for them as a kid-there wasn't one that was too scary for me. but we always do one ride on the ferris wheel.
ya gotta love the colors of the fair: what another color study-wow!

now, call me weird but one thing i used to love about the midway was people watching and checking out all the freaky carnies. a plethora of creative imagery. i love them!!!! i mean where are the freaks suppose to have a living? butler entertainment is now priding themselves as the "cleanest"show in the west .(i did see the drug testing booth, but, but ,but....) bummer- no more toothless freaks-i'm bummed. some of you may think i'm sick. but i've always wanted to interview these individuals-folks,characters-human beings. i want to write a book and tell their stories. they're people too!

the fair is never complete without a hug from "smokey"-he's the man!

see ya next year!


Sharon said...

I didn't see ya this year! I would have loved to see Carey and Liam's entries. We were there such a short time, but I agree with you on the declaration that this is the numero uno fair - the best.

Janice said...

Your pictures are great. I moved from Nevada City and have not seen a fair as great Nevada County Fair!!

JAK said...

It looks like you had a good time, this year I think we are skipping the fair. If the girls were in 4H or something, I might consider it, but it's just too darn that a picture of you with long strawberry hair? My two youngest girls are red heads...They are so colorful, and full of energy...definate pigment....and boy can they get attitudes...Your very pretty.