Saturday, August 18, 2007

garden update!

despite my garden being so small this year what i did plant is producing enough that we have extra to sell at out local rebel ridge growers market. here's a box of what we brought:

we had six big zucchinis today- my zucchini plants are 3 feet tall- no gopher wire!!!! i need some new zucchini recipes! help!
another thing that grows well in my garden is tomatoes-i seem to grow a jungle and harvesting is difficult-must be all our sun! this a german johnson:
i love the sun sugars- they are a sweet orange cherry tomato and they are prolific!
i thought i was being really smart by planting vine beans on the inside of my garden fence. as you can see the chickens and wild turkeys have cleaned off the bottom leaves and the top part is still surving. might have to rethink that next summer.
this year i did a quick gogher wiring so i could grow my favorite purple beans-without sharing with the gophers(gophers go crazy for purple beans-i watched whole plants disappear last summer)-i also tried edamame this year which loves our hot climate-will plant more next year-

yesterday-late afternoon liam and i went to the river for cooling off as i was pissy-heat? or possible pms? anyway we played with water snakes, ran into friends and neighbors and had to report a fire. scary!-and we all forgot our cameras as we were being dive bombed by helicopters dipping their buckets into the river and planes dropping flame retardant. we had front row seats! this is the 2nd fire in the past week that was close to home and we love our fire crew-you guys and gals rock-we love you! i look forward to rain. I LEAVE YOU WITH YET ANOTHER PICTURE OF OUR SWIMMING HOLE. yes, i love where i live. no swimsuits required!
ahhhh the emerald waters of bliss.


soxchik said...

My Gawd Wooly, your produce is so beautiful! I am so jel that you have a permanent garden and mine is a measly mobile Earth Box set up (which still does pretty well). You did great. Now you need to google some chocolate zucchini bread, bake zucchini lasagna, make sauteed zucchini with get the point!


Sharon said...

Gorgeous gorgeous tomatoes! Tuesday morning I stock up at the farmers' market before work and I'd rather it was your's I was buying. They come here from Yuba City and I'm just glad to have "real" tomatoes. Two more weeks then it's over for the year, dangit.