Monday, August 6, 2007

sunflowers and art

seems like forever since i've actually posted. life happens ya know. last saturday much fun was had in forest city. there was a small art gathering called "sunflowers and art" happening. birdsong has a house there so some of us from the foothill fiber guild met there for spinning. i just love hanging out with these gals-always tons of laughs-i sure have been needing some of that! i brought some of my hand painted fiber and handspun yarn to sell and did quite well. i almost did not bring my stuff. thanks to all that supported me!

forest city is a very small town in the sierras. we gathered in the park. set up our wheels under the big trees and cool mountain breezes greeted us. what a treat not to be all pissy and hot. sue was spinning buffalo fiber. it feels like butter-you'd never believe it by looking at these shaggy beasts. i'd like to know how they shear them. or if they pick up loose fiber-which could explain the cost-gulp!-the american cashmere:

jan was spinning up some beautiful roving she hand dyed and plans to make a kaffe fasset treasure. what patience jan has-you should have seen her gauge swatch-it was almost the size of a baby sweater-sheesh! and i'm such a bad gurl-i hardly ever make swatches. wish i'd gotten a photo of her swatch. hey jan-can i have your swatch-i'd hang it on my wall for inspiration!
sara is spinning some of my fiber here-i'm amazed at her speed.-she's the nascar champ of spinning. bobbin after bobbin being filled in a blink of an eye. i believe my boys named that roving "laffy taffy." i can't wait to see what she creates with it.
here's birdsong spinning away despite her ailing back. what a trooper. thanks for getting us together birdsong-it was a great day.
the dance hall and museum where open for the day-and it was an incredible scene. the dance hall used to have a spring loaded dance floor on the second story.
liam would have been in heaven here:
here's my favorite-gotta love the vintage dresses:
here's the old bar. unfortunately there was no beer to be had. yes, i was also chastised for bringing a cooler with no homebrew in it. we are in between batches. sorry gals! don'cha love the yellow bar? very sweet.

besides sunflowers and wool; there was pottery, handmade guitars,cards, quilts, grass valley honey, photography, paintings, brownies, cheesecake, watermelon and downieville doug supplied us with music. he wanted me to bring my banjo but i was too shy.-i don't play in public. i'm sure everyone is glad that i indeed did leave frankie(my banjo) at home.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the teaser. Maybe we can make it for the 2nd annual event~

Sharon said...

I was hoping you'd be at the fair today. I missed you. Amy and I still laugh at the zucchini races last year. I heard about your wonderful dyed fibers, not that I need to buy any more! Birdsong told us about your fire yesterday - scary!!!