Monday, August 20, 2007

etsy update

the computer will be traveling for a few days so i will be unable to blog-oh my gracious! gee maybe i will get some long awaited chores done instead-ha! anyway, just wanted to update you on my etsy shop; i finally got my new shop up and running-i have not had time to finish listing items and plan on dyeing tons more. please check it out: let me know what ya think-it is an on going process.

i thought i would leave ya'll with a picture of kamakaze-liam's chicken. liam seems to be having trouble learning the "no chickens in the house" rule. every time i turn around-this is what i encounter:


JAK said...

Sometimes stepping back from this dumb controlling addicting machine, is much is going on...sometimes it slips right by.

I wish sometimes I was more of a naturalist...tree hugger, learning as I grow..I appreciate more of the color, taste, smell of life around me.

Have a great week Stef

Sharon said...

You're getting enforced time out, doncha hate it? I sent you an article from our local paper on someone raising chickens in town~

Birdsong said...

Love the chicken:)