Tuesday, March 17, 2009


happy st. patty's, green, guinness, shamrock, ___________ (you fill in the blank) day! march 17th has always been favorite holiday of mine. as kids we always wore green so we wouldn't get pinched-but never never orange with our green-mom made sure of that. we always ate corned beef and cabbage-my mom's was the best ever!!!!!(and she wasn't even the irish one-shhhhh!) i get my irish from my grandmother-dad's side. growing up outside chicago during my elementary school years-i remember going to see the chicago river dyed green!

michelle obama -a chicagoan kept the tradition at the white house this year by dyeing the fountains green at the white house-you go gurl!well, keeping with a family tradition we will be watching this tonight:one of my all time favorite films! we will also be eating peasant food-so if anyone grumbles at you tonight when asked "what's for dinner?" tell them they can come over to my house for cabbage and potatoes!! yes, that'd be corned beef and cabbage without the beef!i didn't want to take the crock pot lid off-wrecks the efficiency ya know. i'm going to make soda bread too. soxchik asked if i was cooking with guinness tonight. no- i'm gonna drink it instead. but horrors of horrors, i realized i bought the wrong guinness-i got it in the bottle-not the pub draft kind-oh crap! this guinness is made in canada-can you believe it? nothing against you canadians(love ya!)-torntorians to be exact- but it's guinness for christ sake- i want to drink beer made with water from the emerald isle-damn! guess i'll have to pretend.
check out the label above- sure enough-toronto, canada! heavy sigh! what's a purists to do? anyway-have a great day everyone! and remember:


Turbo: said...

This is one day where soberity can be a little sober. Sniff, sniff. I remember my angst when I bought 'bottled' Guinness. Once you've had the Mother's Milk pulled fresh from a Dublin tap, canned is a consumable second... :-)

Have a great day! I celebrated by picking up Blarney Stones and delivering them to family (a great old pastry that only one bakery in the whole world can be trusted to make)!

And braless is the only way to go, I don't give a crap about gravity and saggin and all that shite! :-)

Roan Inish has been sitting on my shelf for years, my grandmother gave it to me. Never watched it (GASP!) but will now!

Have a great, fabulous evening!

Birdsong said...

I feel worse about you drinking beer without the 'widget effect'! We got some great Beamish from Gross Me Out for the occasion, but no fancy foods here. I thought about corned beef and cabbage, but will have to make it another time, since the stores are too far away! Love your post title.

soxchik said...

Play some Pogues for me!

magnusmog said...

Happy ( late, as usual ) St Patricks Day :)