Sunday, March 15, 2009

another kind of stitches

yesterday i missed spinning saturday as we headed to chico for my younger son's version of my "stitches." yes, he's been saving and doing extra chores to get more of the green stuff for his "stitches"-the 43rd annual bidwell bottle and inulator show/sale in chico. we took the beautiful drive thru the olive groves and green hills speckled with majestic oaks to get there.

you might remember last years excursion. this year hubby got to come and we had a great time!!! we saw friends, got treasures and afterwards went to the sierra nevada brewery! yes, sharon-i finally got to try the torpedo IPA-yum!!

on the way home we took side roads for exploratory reasons and searching for places to let "blue" run. the best place we found was billy bobs!!!

everything you could possibly need or want- look they even cater!!! here's the other sign above the door!

liam totally scored-it helps when you're a kid-lot's of free stuff! here's a picture of his loot! what a score:he's been counting the days for this sale. he was a happy guy when we got home!! i gave myself a 10 dollar budget. here's my score:

i collect swanky swigs-see the little glass with the red flowers-it was one i do not have!!!! check out the diner soup cup behind the gnomes-made in los angeles! i'm pleased with my score!


soxchik said...

Good score. The blue bowl will go well with the Polishware (I know there has to be a better name for that stuff)! Liam has quite the passion.

Birdsong said...

I am envious that you all made it to the show... one of the downsides of working Saturdays is missing cool events like this. You really cleaned up, both of you!

Sharon said...

I'm not a collector but when I see your sets, I wish I were. Ian bought a cast of Torpedo and we hauled it to SoCal on vacation - to be shared. That was a first.