Monday, February 16, 2009

ewe are so gorgeous!!!

we are on a week long break from school-liam and i had great plans for this week-getting ready for the upcoming chick arrival. fencing, banty coop building and yet another extension of the existing coop. i love the current moisture we are receiving-but it makes for bad construction time. instead-we've been catching up on schoolwork-due to all the days missed. the call of the sled was just too strong!!!

i have also decided to focus on spinning. seemed like months since i last spun-it was before my back went out. i had been spinning this wonderful Falkland roving i had dyed quite awhile back. bright and breezy!!!the colors are deeper than this. still doing the camera struggle. bright green, aqua and chartreuse! i want to make socks! here it is on the wheel-when i didn't use the flash it was too dark -this with the flash-too washed out and reflective or something. i plied it but haven't set the twist yet!the other night i started some masham wool dyed by pippi. her website isn't up right now so i won't link. gorgeous! i've never spun masham before-very long locks-strong stuff! hopefully enough to make another pair of socks. i struggled at first but-it's coming along fine now. will post pics soon. but check these sheep out-they are from northern england-telly savalis-eat your heart out!!!
oops! sorry telly! i forgot telly passed away in 1994-i'm sure he's got a mane where ever he is. hhmmm- let's see who else can eat their heart out? okay-paul shaffer- eat your heart out!!!!

don't get me wrong-i find bald heads sexy- especially bald women! check out this website! lot's of eye candy there- well-it's not ALL eye candy! but you might like some of it. gotta get back to spinning my masham!!!


soxchik said...

We want a report on the masham.

Sharon said...

It's reassuring that you make that gorgeous dyed roving still buy from someone else.

Birdsong said...

Lovely, springlike yarn! At least with homeschooling you can set your own timetable... chicken construction is on hold here too.