Tuesday, February 10, 2009

every knitters nightmare-

-we had a beautiful little snow storm

which knocked out our power and phone-still waiting. good thing for satellite and battery in the lap top. we also have a small generator so roy can continue to work during these times.-it's nice to be able to flush a toilet!

before the storm we headed to sacramento on saturday for free museum day-we go every year. on the way we decided to drop off some recycling--now-most of you won't get the visual here-hey birdsong are you out there?-yes-only you will totally get the full mental picture as i was too distraught to get it on camera.

we dropped off our recycle at the north san juan transfer station-before we left i took my knitting from the back of the car so i could knit some once we got on straight roads-yes-hubby was driving. i was organizing my knitting knitting project(a sweater for liam) as we turned the corner-right when we were in front of the" brass rail"- i start freaking- my yarn my yarn!!!photo courtesy of the web- hubby screeches to a halt right outside of the brass rail- birdsong-it was about 9:00a.m. the booze for breakfast crowd was already hanging outside-i jump out of our subaru shrieking" my yarn my sweater!" the locals stare at me like i'm a freak! as i realize my full ball of yarn dropped on the ground back at the dump- when i took it out of the back of the car-i got in and shut the door. as i was getting situated i realized my yarn was shut in the door and my ball was nowhere to be found.

what can i say? the folks on the porch of the 'RAIL" got a kick out of me jumping out of the car and winding my sweater project all the way back to the dump! you could see the yarn trailing up the road!- i can laugh now but i was freaking at the time. not to mention the yarn is from my stash and is now discontinued as it is very very old-i would not have been able to finish the sweater if i'd lost all that yarn. the yarn is a bit grimy but i'm sure it will wash out-ugh-hopefully!

our first stop was hoppy brewing company as one of our favorite not so local blue grass bands plays there the first saturday of each month. (11am-1pm) great food, good beer and toe tappin tunes!

we then ventured to some of the museums- wow! can you say "recession?" the lines were blocks long-we've never seen it this way-remember -it was "free" museum day. we really wanted to tour the governors mansion-the one nancy reagan poo-pooed! the line was phenomenal- hey nancy- i would have lived there in a heart beat!!!

we were met with line after line..blue needed a walk we took him to the river..he had a ball chasing geese, swimming and attacking waves with a vengeance. he went ballistic on a rock sticking out of the river..as if it were an alien.

we ended up at the towe auto museum. one of my favs- i'm a classic car drooler. here's a few of my favs. this 58 edsel station wagon is for sale-love the plaid seats!
next we move on to an awesome beach surfer mobile!!! the wood work was phenomenal!

check out this beauty-note the nice wench on the front! a real working vehicle!

the museum has great dioramas all thru out the place-taxidermy chickens, bears and wonderful mannequins!
there is also a nice collection of old bicycles as well-this one is for you milissa!

wow! i could post like 20 more pics but that would be over doing it a bit. we had a great day even though we only went in one museum.


Sharon said...

No fun - dropping your skein at the dump and then driving away. Way fun your free museum day!

soxchik said...

Sorry about your skein on the loose. Hopefully, it'll clean up well. BTW- I got a kick out of the photos. Can you believe phone booths are becoming a thing of the past? How weird.

MX said...

Great story! Well, great since you did recover your yarn and congrats on that.
Super post, thanks!

Beryl Moody said...

Still giggling over the yarn story. Sorry, I know it was a tramatic event.

Birdsong said...

I am in stitches laughing...I know EXACTLY what you mean! I am glad it was on Saturday, when the weather was dry, rather than later... I have to go and visit that museum!

Gwen Buchanan said...

That's crazy about your yarn.. I can just imagine the feelings you were going through.. glad you were able to recover it..!!