Saturday, January 31, 2009

praise for billie!!!

my new favorite hat pattern is the billie hat!!! i so love it and it's quick and easy. remember my new year's resolution to do at least 5 items on my ravelry queue-well, i got one down-yee ha!!!!

after blue played "disembowel" with the yarn-with the help of luca brassi(see previous post) i actually had the patience to untangle it-hey it was manos-and one of my favs. i wasn't about to trash it. i began the billie hat...i had it done in two days. it's definitely a one day hat but i can't just sit around and knit all day...i know "in a perfect world!" the hat is even cute without the brim.

i was debating whether to add it or not. but i really wanted to try the short row shaping brim-and wow-what a blast! how do people think these things up-amazing!!the only thing i would have done was to knit it a bit longer before the top decrease. i was doing the small size-fits great around my head but a bit short in length-i would do the 5 1/2 inches of the larger size and then decrease. it's a hip hat for teens. great gift idea as it is so quick and fun to knit!here's an art shot: where is that hand coming from? if only it was dripping -it would be so dali-okay steph's cold is getting to her head...she needs a nap!
you can get the free pattern from patti gonsalves aka dandelions2-on ravalry. just look up the pattern for the billie hat. any of you fiber freaks out there that are not hooked on ravelry yet-i suggest you go do so now-best damn drug- i mean virtual addiction out there. but ya gotta get on the waiting list. which isn't long these days.

i wanted to clarify the guilty parties in the yarn fiasco-it's definitely kitsie knocking the yarn from the high shelf down to Blue. now- what i'm wondering is-are they in cahoots together in this act of yarn violation or is kitsie mearly doing this to get blue in trouble--hmm-i wonder.


magnusmog said...

mighty fine hat!

Anonymous said...

very adorable! and the yarn is delicious.

soxchik said...

Cool hat, yummy yarn and now I need to watch 'My Name is Earl' to learn who Billie is.

Turbo: said...

Being more of a cat than a dog, and also having a healthy dose of troublemaker in me, a 10er says the cat's luring Blue into a trap. Meow! :-)

PS How funny, the word verification is: damian. He he he, maybe Kitsie's name should be changed?!

Me said...

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