Sunday, January 25, 2009


i can't believe it's been so long since i've posted. it's not because of lack of interest or being too busy. it's because of my own pathetic lack of computer knowledge. i've been blogging for awhile now and i'm so embarrassed of my egitness as to why i couldn't get it to work right- i can't even tell you what happened. and to think of all my time wasted trying to figure it out. duh! double duh! the meantime we got some much needed rain and even some snow.

i love seeing reflections on the deck..ahhh! but it's back to sunshine now and can only hope more is on the way.

while i was M.I.A. from the blogosphere i had a moment of complete insanity...maddness you might say. now, those of you who know me; know i struggle with finishing knitting projects-even small ones. hearing that my l.y.s. was having a sale i search my ravelry queue for something that i wanted to make but did not have the yarn in my stash to do so. here's where the madness kicks in. did i chose a simple hat or a pair of socks? oh no-i had to pick a pattern that out of the 273,063 registered ravelry users.....only 22 freakin people have chosen to knit it. here it is-a "rowan" pattern mind you. i always have lots of trouble with their patterns too!

a knitted dress. at least i have chosen to omit the faire isle sleeves and just make it a jumper. i found some equivalent yarn(not rowan) that was 50% off at the sale. needing many skeins i couldn't get my first choice of colors with was a mossy olive green. so i got my second:

i wonder if i can finish it by i can rise out of Linus's pumpkin patch and fly through the air and bring toys to all the children of the world. okay -seriously-maybe i should just take bets on whether i ever finish it at all.

i've been really wanting a new knitted cap lately. as i was looking thru mt stash i found an old skein of manos that would be perfect for the billie hat i've been wanting to knit. also from my ravelry queue. i put it well out of reach of "blue." this morning when i was looking for it i could not find it. then i realized that kitsie the kat(aka luca brassi from the godfather-remember her) was capable of reaching it. her love of fine expensive wool still lingers. while looking for her i see 'blue" out of the corner of my eye run thru the house shaking wildly...something that resembles a rag doll. horror of horrors i realize it is my skein of manos yarn!!!!! i yelled "drop it" louder than i have ever yelled at him and let me tell worked. he cowered. he usually runs away when he knows he has something he shouldn't-wanting a game of catch me if you can! here's my skein now:

ugh! death to thee oh cute one!!! but there's other things to do with yarn besides knit. a friend sent this to me :you can read about it here.

hey soxy-does this answer your question?


Sharon said...

I can't tell you how many skeins our Queenie, Buster sent their yarn graves. After much persuasive arguing, Ian agrees that Buster can no longer be in the house without an adult present. I think Buster's little Dingo self visualizes the demolished skein as entrails - surely not.

soxchik said...

I'm glad the yarn survived. Now to wind up that spaghetti.

Blue is perched in the same spot that Darla sits on our couch (that we now call the $800 dog bed). I see he knows comfort and how to work a good pillow!

Turbo: said...

Oh Jaysus, Mary & Joseph!

I am so curious about that dress/romper!

Do I sound like a real knitter when I say, "As soon as I finish the 3 things I've got going and undo the fourth, I'm going to try something new."

I'm thinking of trying some purling. Or maybe cables. Yet, the garter stitch is gong so well, why mess with a good thing? :-)

magnusmog said...

cat + yarn = disaster in my house too!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Holy cow!! when you take on a project you don't kid around.. That dress is beautiful.. no wonder it snagged you.. good luck with it..!! glad you got to your yarn before it was too late..
I used to have a cat that loved to chew and eat my wool yarn.. I would always have to hide what I was working on cause sure enough if she got a hold of it she would start eating it... must have been something missing from her diet.. yarn I guess..