Tuesday, January 20, 2009

yes we can!!!!!

Yesterday…we started our day schooling as usual. When liam said to me “I wish it were a 3 day weekend.” then I remembered it was MLK day. I looked at the school calendar and sure enough-we had the day off.

I chose to read to him from a civil rights leaders book before we took the rest of the day off. No matter how many times I read aloud about Martin Luther King JR., I lose my composure and weep at the end and one of the kids has to finish reading it while patting my back and saying it’s okay to cry. This year it was liam’s turn to finish reading it.

Today we took another day off school to watch the inauguration of our 44th president-the first African American to become the leader of our country. what a wonderful day it was! i'm so glad the bunny ears worked on the t.v.!!!!!! and what a gorgeous dress Michelle wore today! one of my favorite colors!

hey girls-don't forget to slide down that banister in your new home!

liam and i went to the inauguration party here in our tiny town-at the only bar/restaurant there is. thanks cathy for organizing it!!!! she had a message board there for people to sign with their hopes and wishes. cathy is going to send it to obama.

this is the board when we arrived....when we left it was full!!! yeah!!! i'm so proud of out little town. for being in a rural republican part of california election results surprised me. of the 329 that voted we had a total of 178 for obama! mcCain only got 136. the rest of the votes were split up for independent candidates. wow! our town voted for OBAMA!

cathy made the night special with her usual wonderful guitar and singing...her own inauguration songs!! you rock cathy! i wish i had gotten more photos from the event....damn!


soxchik said...

I like Michelle's color sense (so far).

Sharon said...

I missed much of the televised events, but I know what happened and I'm still smiling - well, now I am. I cried through the concert and pretty much any time anyone brought it up on Monday - but now I'm good. Dr. King's speech? I cry when I even think about it.

rulearnin said...

Checking in with my CA connection... Brother has not e-mailed back, but I've checked out wooly daisy a couple times to keep up :) Anyway, I want to weigh in on Michelle's wardrobe... she was tripping on her ball gown a couple times - could have been shorter [sigh] but the ivory really popped! Hail to our new chief! He seems to be getting to business quickly... Pen

Turbo: said...

I was running between home, school, dr appointments so had a mixed media of inaugural moments. But in the car, listening to his inaugural address and then the poem following, I completely choked up. It's still so surreal to me! It's like I can't believe our country, in unison, said "ENOUGH!" I'm so grateful for the era we live in.

And Liam is a lucky young man to have you as his role model :-)