Sunday, January 11, 2009

completion..aahh! it's a good thang!

there is nothing like the day when the murray mcmurray hatchery catalog comes in the mail. all responsibilities go sailing out the door. time to cuddle in and dream about all the different kinds of chicks we want to get this spring. last year we didn't get chicks-we had enough chickens. now, with "insulator" the rooster and "ruth" gone we want to expand the coop a bit and get more. we are thinking of building a new separate little banty coop down by the garden. liam really wants to have some banties.

we usually buy our chicks at the feed store. but they are limited in types. we won't order from murray as they have 25 minimum chick order-we don't need that many-i can't imagine 25 chicks in my bathroom-no thanks. we are going to order from ideal hatchery. they have many rare breeds too and only have a minimum 25$ order. i like that better. the post master is sure going to be surprised when they arrive...get ready BO! if anyone wants a real good reference site for checking out different chicken breeds -check this site!

on the fiber side i'm thrilled to announce that yes-the woolydaisy has actually finished a project!!! it's true, no lie! and i've even gotten the suckers dirty.....yeehaa! i'm turning a new leaf! my mantra... "finish finish finish finish finish it...damn it, will you just finish it!" ahhhh!-or is om! that should do it.

and they even fit!
i'm not one for new years resolutions-but i do have a few..i won't bore or titillate you with my deep dark secretive ones..... no-i'll just share my fiberish ones-as i did with the knitting nite gals last nite.
1. DESTASH!!! notice the use of capitols there. i only use them when truly needed. i want to cut my yarn stash in half!

2. finish lingering projects or have a ball frogging them-i'm gonna have a frogging party. everyone can come and rip stuff out that they know they will never finish...might as well reuse the yarn,eh?

3. my ravelry's insane! madness has taken the non finisher thinks she can actually finish these projects in a life time-ha! so i'm gonna be gentle with myself....i will complete..drumroll please......5 only, 5 of my queued items. but that's okay-i gotta start somewhere. i don't want to set myself up for failure. i think i can do this...and if i do more...well, i'll have another party okay?!!

4. finish my god damn crocheted quilt. enough said!

meanwhile on the home front......couch wars! my grand friend jeanette just gave me her effin awesome down stuffed antique couch! in a gorgeous shade of sage! carey(tall son) who is 6'2" can stretch out and lounge-even sleep on this thing. liam (short son)-the antique collector..has dreamt of owning this couch since the first time he saw it! needless to's heaven! thanks J! the picture does not do it justice! and she gave me the coffee table too!!!!well, once again duty calls...geez! you'd think i was in the military or something!


karen said...

oh...i wish we were ready to order chicks! not yet...but someday! the socks look great, love the color...good for you for finishing and wearing them! and the couch is so cool....i must say the coffee table reminds me of a little end table i inherited a year ago, that my mother and her sisters used to have tea parties on as little sits next to my knitting chair. wonder if they are just the same era or otherwise related... great goals. i too am setting knitting goals and realizing how much my stash has grown in a the last, how did that happen! you inspire me.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Love those snugly socks.. need woollies around here these days!!! some cold!

Thanks for the link to the chicken breeds.. lots of good info..If I don't get some chicks this year I'm gonna kick myself!!! I especially love banties...

Your new couch is so perfect!!! No wonder you son had his eye on it!!!

soxchik said...

OMG- I remember the hatchery catalogs when my brother and I were high school chicken farmers. Murray McMurray is almost as fun as Burpee and Park seed.

The completed socks look great and cozy. Great colors.

And... nice couch! Has blue tried it yet?

Turbo: said...

Oh that couch looks devine!!! While I'm still doing garter stitch, I can actually relate to the unfinished project lament. I have a finger-less mitten going on a pair of size 7 needles, another finger-less mitton on a pair of size 8's and a scarf on a pair of size 13's. And I do have a house that needs tending and, oh yeah, those dang kids! :-) It's good to see you active! I have dreams of chickens, but am holding out for a garage this year. Maybe 2010 will be "The Year of the Chicken Coop!" We'll see ... did you watch the inaugural address? I'm still goose bumpy and fuzzy all ovah! :-)