Thursday, January 8, 2009

still standing!

okay okay- i'm trying to post....i'm in the midst of going back to teaching the kids after 2 weeks off for winter break. 2 weeks of hell because of my back. so i'm a bit bitter to have to get right back into schooling without a real vacation. unless you call two weeks of nonstop back labor a vacation-ugh! i'm bummed as i can't go to spinning saturday this week as sitting is still very painful.

i did get some dyeing done-i'm most comfortable standing:
just a sampling. trying to get my etsy shop updated. i have a pathetic amount of stuff and no rovings. i need to update!!!

i feel like i'm drawing a blank....had so much to tell you all and now that i have a few minutes to fill you in..... i feel like i've been "stupefied."

one milestone our family passed was...carey turned 17! OMG! we had a party here for him with his desired dish of enchiladas! blue had a great time pre-washing the dishes!YES! i had a memory revival!!!!!!! i wanted to fill you in on the yarn club i joined today. hazel knits ....i love her stuff! i've never joined a yarn much for my yarn restriction and "stitches o9" soon approaching!

family is calling gotta go!


Sharon said...

I love the purple and brown - wonder what it will look like as yarn. I've never put those two colors together. What fiber do you use? Is that Brown Sheep top? Blue is a very hand kitchen helper. Good boy, Blue.

soxchik said...

I wish I could handle joining a yarn club. I am so bad at clubs. just ask Columbia House Records, Crafter's Choice Book Club, and Reader's Digest Collectible Train Club (actually grandpa put us in the train one by mistake). We usually screw up after a couple of months.

magnusmog said...

Poor you - hope you feel better soon :)