Friday, May 9, 2008

life marches on.....

seems like forever since i've posted. life has been......well,...i' d rather not talk about it, okay?! on the surface things are grand-my mr. greenjeans sweater is growing slowly but nicely.
my garden made radishes:i'm busy spinning and knitting a baby bonnet order-i'm about half way done.the wild irises are blooming-check out the poison oak-which is why i'm itching like hell.hubby has a new homebrew:my neighbor-who has a menagerie of animals , just got some new goats. well, they have decided they like it over here and are escaping and loving the clover and what little greenery we have. the first time it happened-we had 3 goats-with "horns" find their way over. they were in heaven. i called the neighbor and she was not home. we managed to get 2 of the 3 on leashes. what to do???? you can't just let them hang at night-mountain lions on the prowl and now they have babies to feed!!! so we finally got a hold of her via cell phone-she was about 45 minutes away. the neighbor kids helped liam and i walk the goats home having to fend off rogue aikida dogs and traffic on the road. keep in mind these poor goats have only been in their new home 3 days. now they are being leashed and walked avoiding dog attacks etc. we made it to the neighbor and showed her the possible escape route. and by the way-we named the 2 we were able to leash- rosebud and billie sue(after srg. colepepper's daughter in " it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world") the other goat ran into the woods.

the follow day -i was having rhodie and birdsong come over to knit and spin. who shows up again-rosebud!!! this time neighbor was home and came to get her-rosebud didn't seem too happy about the truck ride.bye rosebud!!! she was so sweet!


soxchik said...

Rosebud and Billie Sue? That's one of my favorite movies. Some days I just walk around yelling"SYLLLLVESTERRRR!!!!! like Ethel Merman. And we call the palm trees in front of the house the BIG W. Nice bonnets Wooly.

Sharon said...

At first I was all jealous that your and Birdsong can so easlier get together, then I realized with effort, my neighbor Mim and I can do the same. Thanks for mentioning it! The homebrew looks mighty yummy~