Saturday, April 26, 2008

a moment of serenity

liam had testing this week. yes, we homeschool-but we belong to a homeschool charter-which means-we still are funded by the public school system-which is how i get to spend $500 a semester on music lessons, curriculum and other fun classes. which is also why i agree to testing so our school can get funding. here's the kids dissecting an old rotted log-we found tons of life forms and learned the importance of the log returning to the earth.
i love our school. so anyway-i decided to spend a few hours just for me! a cup of tea and knitting at a coffee shop. how decadent!!!! how peaceful, how wonderful. i've been going thru my yarn stash and found a bunch of this yarn i dyed years ago at one of our fiber guild's dye days. perfect for my mr. greenjeans sweater.

spring seems to have come and gone. i was bloody hot today. my arugala bolted a month ago! dang-we need more rain and not 80 degree temps. it's not even may!!!! i had a bunch of spring pictures for you-i better post them quick before things change. here's a happy tree frog coming out to welcome spring awhile back:a sure sign of spring is the girls sharing nesting boxes as they just can't wait for an empty one-eggs galore!the "hound's tongue" is blooming:liam is finding lots of poisonous mushrooms-here's a destroying angel:tomorrow i go to watercolor painting class. i'm nervous- as i really want to be able to do it-but afraid i will suck at it. i've tried in the past-and really really sucked at it-but i failed miserably the first time i tried to learn to knit but the second time with a different teacher a differnent state and a different knitting style-was a charm. bonnie at the yarn barn in lawrence, kansas-was able to teach me to knit-bless her! so hopefully the 2nd time will be a charm again.

i've been dying and spinning getting ready for the rebel ridge annual plant sale-birdsong and i are having a booth! sorry no pics yet. the sale is next weekend!


lisa said...

Your charter school is so cool. The west coast is always so much hipper than the east coast. I wish there was a school like that for my guys! And I love that pattern,the sweater is going to come out really nice.

soxchik said...

I am so glad you get some knitting and tea time to yourself. Good luck on Mr. Greenjeans.

Granny Annie said...

Your hens sharing the nest look like mine. My injured Twyla is an Australorp and looks just like your black one. I have Rhode Island Reds that look like your red one.

I admire you homeschooling. Our daughter tried it a couple of years but they moved to a better school district and our grandson seems happy in the public school setting.

Your knitting is wonderful. I crochet but only nylon net pot scrubbers and sell them in my flea market booth.

Gwen Buchanan said...

What a great post. wooly!
Wish we had some form of funding for homeschooling... They totally write us off out here!!! glad to see you are supported in your efforts!!!
great froggie shot too and hope you have lots of fun at your watercolor class!! You'll do great!!!

Birdsong said...

What nice photos! Glad you got a moment for tea and starting Mr Greenjeans; I sold someone yarn for that pattern last month and thought it would be a great everyday sweater, and that color looks so much like your favorite everyday color! We had a great time yesterday even if we didn't get