Sunday, April 13, 2008

Insulator finally has a home

for those of you who don't know-i promised hubby "no roosters" when i wanted to have chickens. well-the odds were against me and we ended up with three. we were able to find homes for banjo and daddy long legs. no such luck for insulator-named by our younger son(he collects glass insulators.) i found many folks that wanted him for "dinner." being that he was a nice rooster i wanted to give him the chance of the happy stud-ly life of big daddy-o. cock of the walk -you know what i mean? but he was crowing at all hours and his favorite hens were getting bare backed from all the spring time testosterone kicking in.

finally my wishes and hopes of insulator having a new home were answered. jenny brown-a wonderful woman of high sierra beef was interested in him after reading my "chicken chronicles" in our local paper. she lives about 20 minutes from here and has a wonderful situation-she raises grass fed beef with no hormones or antibiotics. she has a farm store selling beef, local honey, local butter etc.-all her stuff is local! she has local artisans selling their wares too-now i have a new place to sell my handspun yarn and dyed rovings!!!!! yipee!!!!
have you ever tried catching a rooster who doesn't want to caught? damn! not an easy feat! it took us 2 weekends to accomplish this crazy idea.-along with lots of yelling and swearing - a marriage counselor would have come in handy too. we didn't get it on video- too bad-we would have a million hits on youtube.

finally-equipped with goggles, gloves, fishing nets and a box we caught the little bastard! we drove over to the farm store-missing spinning saturday but worth it! i was immediately full of joy that i waited to find him a good home instead of letting him become thanksgiving dinner. sorry roy that it took so long to get rid of him-but what a place! 14 acres to free range, ponds to drink from and only one other rooster to deal with- a banty. we let him out of the box-and the crowing wars began. here he is running to meet the other "man."
here we are at the farm store-happy to find insulator a good home-thank you jenny!


soxchik said...

I see he was traveling in style in that computer box. Now you can get some quality sleep!

Granny Annie said...

Finding homes for roosters is almost impossible. Good job on your part! I don't want mine cooked either. We were fortunate to find homes last year for three at a bird sanctuary. We regretted being without roosters and bought two (brothers who had never been apart -- named them Daryl and Daryl). Whoever heard of buying roosters! Then we incubated our fertilized eggs and ended up with five new roosters plus the two we bought. Thankfully we live on ten acres in the country and are fairly isolated. I love to hear my roosters. I don't think I could have let a pretty boy like Insulator go. You should send his picture and the story to Backyard Poultry magazine.

Jenny said...

Hello Stephanie,

Great story about Insulator. Thought you would like to know that he has a harem of 35 chickadees waiting for him. I now have him trained to come when I call him. My Aunt told me that she had a pet rooster that hopped in the truck with her and her dad to go to town. Could you imagine Insulator as he makes his entry into town. I covered the wool and sweaters. See you soon. Jenny