Sunday, April 8, 2012

juju's loops

juju's loops- i've waited for you for so made the trek across the ocean-all the way from london, england. you are now mine, all mine!!!! i'm so happy you are finally here! i want to dance with you.

Juju's loops how do i love thee? let me count the ways.

1. your beautiful patterns- so lovely! i want to make them all! all of them, i said!!!

2.the photography is grand- eye candy! what can i say? knitters porn!!! i want to live within the pages of you!

3. your cute compact size can fit in my knitting bag-i can take you with me wherever i go!

4. your colors and yarns are amazing-i can't help but drool all over you!! i guess you'll have to get your own copy to see what i'm talking about-amazing!!! simply amazing!!!

5. you make me want to commit... commit to finishing projects so i can look as cool as your models!!!

yes, juju- you make me glad to be alive!!! you rock like nothing else!!!!

your creators susan cropper and juju vail, i praise thee, i worship thee and i thank thee. you are true genius!!! they have a wonderful blog that you simply must check out. free patterns too-woot!
my son was able to capture my joy.

P.S. i'm moving to england


magnusmog said...

Move to England? And leave all your beautiful countryside behind? Who would feed the hens?!

Seriously, I love the look of this book and will be in London this month. I might have to nip in to Loop and buy one. I've been to the shop once before and it is gorgeous.

woolydaisy said...

how lucky you are!!!!! tell the ladies hello from me!!! have fun:)

Sharon said...

That was so much fun - you got a laugh out of me. Loved the happy dance :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! My day has been brightened up already. Have you made it to Loop yet?