Friday, March 30, 2012

hall of shame

while coming to terms with my "hall of shame" concerning my UFO's that seem to breed uncontrollably at a high rate- in my previous post i confessed( yes soxy, i think it was that confessional in Carmel) to you all my problem of never finishing my knitting projects-i just keep casting on!!! i found 17 UFO's without looking all that hard...i know there are more hidden and/or lost in my closet studio. i don't think i really want to know how many unfinished projects truly exist.

but i quickly got to work and i finished one of my projects- "wooly you rock!" i said to myself while patting myself on the back. here they are: my "uvaUrsi bog socks" knit from sanguine gryphon taveller yarn. blue wanted to show you his fabulous built in socks.

so now my UFO count went down to 16!!! hooray for me!!! i was so excited that i felt like casting on a new project!!! the fabulous zuzu's petal cowl- i mean-have you seen the cuteness of this thing??? MOG! MOG! MOG! check it out. who could resist such cuteness? not me!

but just before searching thru my stash for some yarn to cast on- my faithful and true fiber trash girls came to my rescue and convinced me to finish one more project before starting a new one. they were right! okay. i decided to finish my tappan zee bartlett as it will be a perfect spring sweater.

this morning i almost choked on my breakfast when i realized there was a cloth bag hanging on my chair and had been hanging there for some time(actually i really knew it was there- i was just in heavy denial.) i peeked inside and low and behold.....2 more projects!!!!! a baby sweater and another pair of socks- both with yarn i dyed myself.

been so long i don't remember who this sweater was for and what pattern i was using-dang! gee, wasn't there another baby sweater in the last post that i had forgotten who it was for? how pathetic! the socks i'm not too thrilled about and may just frog them and use the yarn for a shawlette or cowl. the yarn is super snuggly-would feel great around my neck! mainly thinking of frogging because they are coming out pretty thin. i like my socks rugged and thick!!!

in the cupboard in my room i also found another 2 projects.

these awesome fingerless mittens- pattern by no other than the fabulous Eileen Lee- who works at my LYS. and a luxuriously soft mohair feather and fan shawl that really needs to be finished as it is so soft and cozy i want to wrap up in it NOW!

isn't that gorgeous!!!!!

so my UFO count as of today is now 2o. ( 17-1+4=20) holy cow! feels good to get it out in the open and talk about it!!

on to other topics-i've been playing and having fun with some 2 step dye processing. i've been painting skeins of yarn in rather bright colors then i do a quick hot overdye in a solid. here's an example:

here's bright-wowza! then a plunge into the hot bath of blue:

i love the iridescent quality this produces.

i end with this ditty of info for you. i'm so glad i learned how to bake bread-thanks claud!!!!!!! cause when you run out of it-you don't have to get in the car and drive to the store. you can just make a loaf. so simple yet so gratifying. i think it should be a requirement for high school graduation.


Susan in Dutch Flat said...

That's one gorgeous loaf of bread! My mouth waters. And my feet twitch at the sight of your not-yet-done socks. Still, congrats on your progress. Excelsior!

woolydaisy said...

thanks susan!!!

soxchik said...

The Tappan Zee area is where Washington Irving was from, the land of Rip Van Winkle and the Headless Horseman. A good sweater to knock off the queue.

woolydaisy said...

soxy- that rocks! i love the headless horseman!!!

soxchik said...

P.S. I have a hallway/studio!

woolydaisy said...

hey soxy- maybe when they have one of those fiber studio tours people would actually pay to see ours!!!!!

weavinfool said...

Now you understand how I found 37 wips when I retired. I had to dig deep to find them all, but 37 it was.
I turns out that I have a LOT of duplicate needles in many sizes. I have finished some of my wips, ripped out others, and am still hoping to finish the rest. I think I may be down to 15 or less. I feel like I have beaten back the tide!
I have only started 1 new project in the last week and it is a keeper.
I don't know if confession is good for the soul, but it certainly amuses your friends.

soxchik said...

Okay, today I confess that I went out and bought an anchor hocking glass loaf pan. I made a loaf of bread that was smooshy and crusty at the same time. The soxy clan plowed through almost the whole loaf, the animals! I didn't know glass baked so well.

Birdsong said...

My thought is that you should rip out the too-thin socks and start the cowl... kind of trading one UFO for another. Then, you would quickly finish the cowl and have only 19 UFOs! Progress, see:)

woolydaisy said...

weavinfool-wonder if i get close to your total when i really go thru my closet???? yikes! congrats on get so much done:)

soxy- pyrex roxs!!!

birdsong- great idea!!