Sunday, March 25, 2012

i hang my head in shame

a few weeks ago i started hearing voices in my bedroom. i realized the voices were coming from the bag i had hid stuffed all my new fiber purchases from stitches west. when i opened the bag-i was amazed to witness what looked like several skeins of yarn sighing with deep relief. "bout time you opened the bag........choruses of "use me first, no! use me! ...we know you want to start a new project, go for it, we won't tell!"

now, i had been really itching to start my stephen west- blue whale shawl ever since i returned from stitches but i had made a deal with myself- i needed to finish some old projects first before diving into "my precious" new scores from stitches west.

while avoiding some chore that needed doing, i decided to go thru my closet fiber studio and find all my UFO's (unfinished objects)that where lost in some old knitting bag or box. now, not wanting to make too big a mess i didn't go thru everything- i just touched the tip of the iceberg you might say, but what i found made me hang my head in shame. MOG! to the max. i sat on the bed in silence feeling a bit queasy...finally realizing-yes, i do have problem. a serious one. why can't i finish anything? i mean -i'm always knitting but never have much to show for it. guess i get bored of a project, toss it in the closet studio with good intentions of finishing it later. but there are so many cool things to knit out there(thanks ravelry) and so many awesome yarns that my ADD/addicted self just takes over and i can't control myself. i could literally start ten new projects a day and still not be satisfied. what i found was such a wake up call. i actually took photos. this really made the shame taunt me. here's what i found:

my icelandic star sweater. almost ready for sleeves.

my some cloudy day legwarmers. a very cute pattern from tiny owl knits. knitting these out of berroco alpaca. unfortunately-the other skein of yarn was not to be found with the project...and i have no clue where it could be. damn.

this is the valeria shawl knitted from rowan scottish tweed. at the point of starting the lace section. the fun part-what was i thinking???

a mystery shawl i never finished but want to so badly!!! i dyed this yarn years ago. damn- i don't even remember the name of the pattern!!!!

a top down mock turtle neck for Liam. gee it may still fit if i keep working on it.

alas, my lovely fairwind sweater that was a knit along with my fiber trash girls. just sitting there in the dark, crammed into a brown paper bag. how could i be so cruel? i know the photo sucks, my camera takes lousy pictures when the battery gets low-it really is beautiful in real life. a honey wheat color. i love you fairwind! i haven't forgotten you! forgive me.

this will someday be an awesome lace capelet. (wiping the tears now)

a baby sweater so old i don't even remember who it was for. crap on me!

oh, and these beauties-look how effin close to being done i am- this yarn i dyed (gads!) too many years ago to even count...they are all naturally dyed yarns too. my first and last try at indigo. turned out great, but was too fussy for me- having deal with ph levels all that...sheesh. i am not a precise dyer.

this fingerless mitt is made from my handspun-the fiber was from cottage creations-love that stuff! can't remember what needle size i used. dang does that mean i'll have to swatch for the second one!

another pair of fingerless mitts. the pattern is called prickly. the yarn is from hazel knits- love that yarn!!!

remember my catamount sweater? no? i guess i forgot about it too. this is one sleeve and the problem is.....i can't find the body-gasp!-horror of horrors!!!!!

here's my tappen zee bartlett sweater -the color is really the color of a barlett pear. it's fabulous. perfect spring sweater....need to wear this soon!!!! hey aren't there little people somewhere that hide during the day and come out at night and finish your projects for you?? where are you????

this is a test knit for plum dandy-rain boot liners.... my head hangs further in shame!!! need to finish these ASAP!!!

my hand dyed, handspun socks....another project so close to completion!

an icelandic vest. started recently, put down because of the rippling seed stitch ribbing.

these are my uva ursi bog socks....knit from sanguine gryphon traveller yarn-the best!!! do i have second sock syndrome????? i see a pattern here.

okay, -now that was painful. all these photos really made me take a deep hard look at myself. the worst part of it? there is still more. yes, there are still more UFO's lurking in my closet studio. i'm ready to turn over a new leaf!

oh, since posting all these photos, the voices have stopped and i've almost completed my uva ursi bog socks.....
...and guess what????????

i started my blue whale shawl. guess some things will never change(wink!)

.....and you thought your startitus was bad!


lories said...

ha ha, love your descriptions and seeing all your UFO's has definitely made me feel so much better! thanks!

Birdsong said...

I remember the name of that shawl... well, actually, I would have to look it up on Ravelry, but it was the irish saga we did together. I finished the shawl but not the other parts. I haven't finished the Fairwind, or even touched it in a year! I have decided to look at Rav less, and make things that I know I need.

Sharon said...

You win. I cannot come anywhere close to your UFOs, lordy. I couldn't help think about all the needles you must have duplicates of. It's good to know you're the best at something and I think you're the best here - nothing wrong with that. No head hanging allowed.

Susan in Dutch Flat said...

Great post - inspiring, in a guilt-tinged way.

Betty said...

I just stumbled on your blog - or did I trip over all that wool languishing! You certainly favour green - maybe you should unravel some and do some yarn bombing to green up the city a bit? You have some lovely work but like me a short attention span, not surprising as some of your projects are massively challenging - I can't even knit so am seriously in awe. Maybe if you bring one or two UFOs out and leave them lying artistically, they will inspire you again? Good luck. Betty x

BarbaraShowell said...