Sunday, March 18, 2012

late post

i started this blog post BEFORE i went to stitches but didn't get a chance to post it. the post is just a bit of eye candy from our trip to monterey at the beginning of february. hubby has an annual conference there every year. i love the monterey/pacific grove area. the whole historic area of the canneries speaks to me-despite all the modernization-i can still see and feel the old Steinbeckian "cannery row." i enjoy walking the streets of cannery row letting steinbeck's stories and memories flood back to me.

once a working cannery the monterey canning company now houses shops and the local starbucks.

liam and i had a great time cruising around town on our bikes. wow-no hills!!!

i'm a big ed ricketts(steinbecks buddy) fan- i love him. if you want to know more about ed i encourage you to read "about ed ricketts" by john steinbeck. it can be found at the front of steinbeck's "the log from the sea of cortez" book.

a memorial statue stands at the site of ed's deadly car wreak back in 1948. the statue is always adorned with fresh flowers. you can check out my old post about ed ricketts here.

lover's point-a great place for thought.

we were fortunate to watch 3 sea otters play and feed. diminishing numbers of otters make this a special occasion!!!!

being a lover of color and a dyer of fiber-i am always seeing things with a "dyers" eye. wanting to recreate things i have seen-such as these sea anemones in a tide pool.

while the boys were out on a bike ride- i walked along the beach. it was a beautiful late afternoon- full moon in a tide pool.


monterey has the best thrift stores.

new altar boy shoes!!! a skirt for st. paddy's day, a skein of handspun yarn for a dollar,
and 4 awesome tops. score score score!!!!

pacific grove is a cute little town next to monterey. i love the little houses. this particular house had some awesome recycled garbage art adorning it. check out the jelly fish.

and the soda can flowers!

on our last day we went to the carmel mission. the california missions have a beauty all their own.

raised as a catholic the imagery and art work was beautiful to me.

there was a small museum but this piece really freaked me out- the confessional. something i always dreaded as child.

scary huh?

there was a flock of scottish blackfaced sheep at the historic ranch next to the mission.-the fiber looked divine. unfortunately they didn't sell it-or maybe that was a good thing:)


danielle said...

Gotta know which thrift shop you made those great buys at! I have either great luck or no luck at the Goodwill down there. And the ones in PG are fun to go thru but I rarely have good luck there

woolydaisy said...

hi danielle- it was the goodwill. it was on one of the main streets-lighthouse? or what's the other one? central? it was in walking distance of the big CVS drugstore. i love the way they have everything organized my color!

soxchik said...

You had me at the altar boy shoes and the confessional. This post has some fantastic photos!