Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fiber celebs and missing the boat!

i think i'd like to rewind my life a bit and post on happenings in my life that i have not yet blogged about. many weekends ago-seems like a lifetime ago-my LYS ("local yarn store" for those of you that are not fiber minded)-MeadowFarms Yarn Studio held a champagne "GALA" affair celebrating and honoring some local celebrities.

the fall issue of "spin off" featuring an article by our very own famous & fabulous Sara Lamb!!!!! "the fall leaves shawl saga-make 1 shawl 11 ways!" there were a lot of shawls and scarves to knit so she called upon 4 more of our "local" (as well as one other out-o-stater-that be you deb!) talented knitters that spin as well as dye their own fiber to help her in this conquest. (note-autographs below)

the "Gala" was also celebrating a new book which featured 2 of Sara's knitting patterns! yes, i had to buy both!

Sara is pictured below on the left along with Eileen Lee-one of the celeb shawl knitters!

here is Sue Flynn below- dyer, spinner and knitter extraordinaire (on the right) after autographing comrade Rhodi's magazine! Dee Jones was there as well but Lindsey Cleveland did not grace us with her presence. where were you Lindsey?

MeadowFarm was full of life and color that Saturday! here's Kate and Barbara Sue always ready for a good time!

now, i debated with myself quite awhile whether to put this next bit in or not. but i figured-ah, what the heck. why not-being that i'm rather low on the spectrum of fiber celebrity-ness a little bit of notoriety couldn't hurt. it's my 15 seconds of fame! ha!

Okay-i'm not used to this but..........see the green yarn below:

pictured on page 67-yes that's page 67-in the new fall issue of Spin off- is green wool i dyed! yes, it is really true. see below:

how cool is that? trying not to brag here. BUT how lame can i be? now check this out:

on page 72 at the end of the article are the Resources-(see above) my etsy shop in print for all to see! guess what? my shop at the moment is empty-ZERO, NADA, ABSO-EFFIN-LUTELY EMPTY! heavy sigh! can you believe it? missed that boat! better get off this machine and get me arse busy!!


soxchik said...

Wow, I have a celebrity fiber artist as a friend! How cool is that. This is just the beginning for you Wooly.

Carolyn Crane said...

Check it out! That is the loveliest green wool I have EVER seen! And what a fun group at your LYS.

Actually, I do think it that is a fabulous shade. Congrats! Very cool. What's a blog for if not news like that!!!

Sharon said...

You should brag. The stuff your dye is awesome and totally braggable.

magnusmog said...

Fantastic! Well done to you!

wooly daisy said...

thanks everyone!!!!!