Saturday, October 17, 2009

for the love of gudrun!

okay- can i just say i'm gaga for Gudrun! She is such an amazing designer and she has the coolest name! GUDRUN- it's so fun to say! GUDRUN GUDRUN GUDRUN! say it-just give it a try:GUDRUN. okay okay enough weirdness. i found her on RAVELRY-of course! she also has an awesome and ever inspiring blog. i need to add her to my blog list!

normally i focus on the free patterns that ravelry offers- believe me there are tons! but every once in awhile i just have to buy a pattern-and they make it oh so easy to do and it downloads right to your computer!-oh for the love of technology. which is where i found GUDRUN'S "moch" sweater pattern- it was an instant "have to have!" no debating here! check it out! i even have some yarn in my stash for it!! hubby will appreciate that! here is Gudrun modeling her creation:

isn't that just the cutest sweater ever? i think so! and as soon as i'm done with the thanksgiving show and holiday gifts-i'm going to embark on this-really! and i will finish it! really!

been dyeing up a storm- only a few pictures though. here are some BFL rovings for spinners.

LOOK at that crimp~! dreamy,eh? okay-some of you non fiber folks maybe be thinking "what the hell is BFL?" it stands for a breed of sheep-Blue Faced Leicester. glorious stuff i tell you! here's the magnificent creature the fiber comes from:

here's some more fiber-you can see the rovings on the left are BFL by the amazing crimp!

hope to get more pictures but i need to get them ready to take to meadowfarm tomorrow-so we will see if time permits.

on the garden front-it is done except for the 2 kale varieties-dino and purple, garlic and a special kind of boc choy-can't remember the name!

liam loves making my kitchen window above the sink esthetically pleasing for me. he cleans my insulators for me, arranges them and always puts fresh cuttings from the property. i think this cutting is from the coffee berry. and course some oak!


Birdsong said...

Beautiful rovings! I love the other photos too... are we getting together to knit tomorrow night?

soxchik said...

Those rovings are delightful. Keep up the momententum!

P.S. Gudrun Gudrun Gudrun !!!

Anonymous said...

Your rovings look awesome! You have been so busy. And that cardigan is perfect in every way. I'm going to check it out now.

Sharon said...

I bookmarked Gundrun's blog and will go back later because I really do like her designs.