Thursday, May 10, 2007

sour ladies!

life has been busy here in daisy-land. trying to get my garden going.-i've decided to de-stress and let go of the idea of a full garden this year. it just aint gonna happen. digging up all these raised beds so i can lay down hardware cloth(blasted gophers!) is taking so much longer than i thought. oh well-"que sera sera!" my new motto-"what will be will be"-i'm lightening up! i'm trying something new in one raised bed. i should have done it last fall, but-que sera sera! i layed down alfalfa cubes(they are rich in nitrogen) i think i might have put too much though-as they swell when they are wet. then i covered it with straw-let the rain pound on it(or hose) to help break the cubes up and enrich my clay-oops! i mean soil.

we'll see what happens. my potatoes are doing awesome.--they are growing at an amazing speed. i can't keep up with the hilling up. i have peas and kale too. i hope to do tomatoes this weekend. my lettuce is pretty much done-all ready too hot.

little son and i tried our first try at homemade sauerkraut-the easy way-thanks for the directions debra! it was too easy and son loved beating the cabbage with the potato masher. it is suppose to be ready in 3 days!
well-i need to get going-we need to start schooling, the chicks box needs cleaning and i have a dentist appointment after lunch-damn!


soxchik said...

So I am checking out your blog and it seems like a parallel world -minus the home schooling (special needs kids) and old car fixation and chickens. By the way, your dyed rovings are gorgeous !

soxchik said...

Wooly- send me your email address and I will attempt to explain the feather and fan pattern. I am not sure about the You Tube, I have issues with computers and it is just luck when I get things right. My email is beadchik@


Birdsong said...

Great potatoes! Ours are going great guns too this past week... clay soil has led to mostly raised beds for us and an endless round of adding soil amendments.. the chickens will be a big help with that! We sure are thankful for our donkeys.