Tuesday, May 15, 2007


i have been unable to do anything fibery in way too long. no time for fibery fun makes me a crazy woman! i missed spinning Saturday-our monthly spinning group that meets at the public library-wah! so yesterday i finally got to dye the cormo roving i just got from riverwinds farm-it is so incredible soft i can hardly stand it-i wanted to climb the nearest mountain and breakout in song!-like julie andrews in the beginning of "the sound of music!" well, i was a bit over zealous and excited when i dyed it as the colors came out louder than i wanted. maybe i'll name this roving-"the hill are alive!"

i hope it turns out okay when i spin it-cormo is not cheap. while this new favorite luxury fiber was drying i began spinning a mystery fiber i ordered from another wonderful wisconsin farm called the homestead wool and gift farm.(they are a sheep rescue!) i love the colors but it's a bit rough-i will try some hair conditioner to soften it and maybe do some felting with it. i'm currently spinning some of their other roving that is luxuriously soft. i feel good about buying wool from both of these places as they treat their animals with respect and kindness.
i got to spin a whole 20 minutes-yeehaa! seems like the only one getting any fiber time around here is my sweet terror luca brasi. remember the claws under the door? i bet you're all saying-"aw what a cute little sugar muffin." but the minute she gets a wiff of fine fiber-preferably merino and now cormo-she becomes this:

DEVIL CAT!--i caught her in the closet right before she would have taken it, dragged it around the house and tear it to shreds. i hid some merino in a box on top of a 6 ft. shelf when she was even smaller-she scaled this shelf-pushed the box onto the floor, tore it open and ruined it! that's when hubby's advice of "rock... bag... river" starts sounding better and better. i mean, i can leave some old crappy wool lying about in plain view she won't even look at it! she's a total wool snob! and yes, she found the cormo drying and wrecked about 1/4 of the roving. the only thing that saves her ass is she is so damn cute and she is so cuddly and affectionate- a total lover gurl-she loves people! wants to be held all the time and gives kisses freely-i guess she hasn't found the gary larsen books yet.


Birdsong said...

That mental picture of you belting out Sound of Music is a good one; I think the bright roving will blend into a yarn you will love, and that you maybe should be thinking about what to turn such soft clouds of Cormo into... I love that stuff.

Sharon said...

Nice colors - wish they were mine. Oh wait, I think I've a bunch of stuff here. Do any of us have a shortage?! You really do have a good color eye - glad you snagged some time.