Sunday, May 13, 2007

best mother's day ever!

wow! i just had the best mother's day ever. there have been some pretty disastrous ones in the past. i slept in till 6:45 a.m. -the wild birds were chirping sooooo loud they woke me up and once i'm awake that's it! sweet hubby made me tofu scramble, fried potatoes and breakfast burritos for breakfast. chow city!

i just love living on the road to the sierras and my favorite little "close" town i adore is downieville-so that's where we headed. but first stop was to search for brandy city pond-a place we have attempted in the past but never found it. it's an old mining town-that does not exist anymore but they flooded the diggins and turned it into a little fishing spot with a trail. last time we got completely lost and ended up who knows where. but we found it yea!-luckily we took jimmy. the road was a bit rough. here's fiddle creek falls on the drive up. once on the brandy city trail we found bear scat!

further on down the trail we found this really cool area that we wanted to explore till we saw this sign. hope you can read it.
hubby still wanted to explore after reading the sign and i pulled the mother's card on him-i didn't want anything bad happening- not today. you can check it out another day. so after our short hike- we hopped back into jimmy and continued on to downieville for lunch at my favorite spot -the notorious "grubstake saloon"-where they serve your food in mining pans and drinks are served in canning jars!-my glass of choice.
they were doing a special mother's day thang so they were not open yet-oh darn we had to wander around town look at cute shops, admire fine harleys parked on the street and grab a beer to sit by the river to pass the time. little son scored an awesome old lantern-for 4$-! when they opened-i was greeted with chocolate-(not only milk but dark) and a glass of champagne.

i was a bit disappointed with the fancy glass but remedied it later with an ale complete with canning jar sorry no picture but hey check this out-the bear was decked out in her finest mother's day attire-please note the glowing grapes-awesome! the meal was fantastic- then we headed on our way.
we walked around some more and headed to pauly creek falls as papa has never seen them. sadly, it was time to head home- we hit the road and we got to explore a secret road i've always wanted to drive on it was incredible-unfortunately we couldn't go to far as the electric or digital gas gauge in our '89 jimmy likes to turn off and on--it's been off for 3 days so we were guessing. what a great day!

happy mother's day to all you wonderful mothers! motherhood- wow! what an adventure-wonderful at times, hell at times- makes me want to tatoo" patience" on my forearm or maybe on the kids forehead-so i can see it! but all in all-well worth the journey.


Birdsong said...

Happy Mother's Day! Glad you had such a wonderful time... we will have to get up to DV later this summer to swim. We hit the Scoth Broom breakfast, a lot more crowded, but truly a tradition and a slice of Sierra culture. Your roving is featured in my Mothers Day post. See ya soon.

Sharon said...

What a great day you had. I can't say have a Happy Mother's Day, because you did. I enjoyed your day too. I become more fond of this day with each passing year.