Monday, May 28, 2007

blow flower

okay-i know i'm addicted to blogging-i'm trying to sneak one more post before i leave for yosemite-tomorrow morn.

i've always been fascinated with being a postal worker. not just any postal worker-but the post "master" of a very small rural post office. it's my dream job. this is where i want to do it. goodyears bar.

is this not just the cutest post office ever? Petra, the post master(damn her!) is super nice too. sometimes i drive all the way just to mail something. especially if our post master Bo(who is also very cool) has the day off and "crab ass" is working. i think it's about a 35 minute drive? we went there yesterday testing out our new effin car! yipee!!! wow! i'm so exited! our current subaru is well-jb welded and ducked taped together and jimmy as you know-gas gauge does not work and gets terrible gas mileage. i won't even go into unregisterable betsy.(the old pick up) here's she is- i named her "pearl."

isn't she a beauty? a '97 outback legacy-we will be able to drive up the driveway now-yeeha! (our old subi was the only 2 wheel drive subi made-ha!) we got pearl from our awesome mechanic jens. thanks you jens- (you answered our prayers!!) this was his-we know it was well taken care of. we bought it sight unseen. now i have a car to drive out to idaho this summer to visit my 98 year old granny. i never liked to drive beyond 30 miles with my other cars. gee-we are getting quite the collection of cars around the property-maybe we really are becoming rednecks(not politically, mind you)

i did manage to ply the awesome cormo that i dyed a bit excitedly from riverwinds farm.

the aqua is not quite that bright. here's another pic. but it's out of focus.
it's kind of a mixture between the two pics. cormo is my new favorite fiber. i just got another pound from them and i can hardly stand it-i want to dive right in.
on the garden side of things: what little i've planted this year is doing well. i think potato flowers are one of the sweetess things on earth- besides baby chicks.
my peas are prolific this year.

sorry no pics of the tomatoes. but they are cruising.

well, i better get off my arse and start packing for yosemite. i'm excited-love the mountains! and maybe it won't be too crowded as it's still early. but mornings will be cold! i'm bringing my "puffy"-the down comforter! i'll leave you with another picture of Liam's. oh p.s. if i have time in the a.m. i will leave you with my "may" installment of the chicken chronicles- i know you are just dying to read it.-later!


Sharon said...

I names my subi Eleanor because I said, while she 's nothing to look at, she can rise to any occasion!

Le Jardin Rouge said...

Cormo has always been my favourite for socks - very cushy! Congrats on the new wheels!

Le Jardin Rouge said...

oh... and your yarn is fabulous!!!