Friday, May 18, 2007

now i'm pissed

okay- i know, acknowledge and admit i am a computer tard. but i have been trying to add 2 blogs to my blog list for the past three effin days and havin a hell of a time-(oh yes johhny cash just makes me want to swear-the kids love it!) i did it before, after many tries but made it work. i just did it for birdsong's blog(a view from sierra county) and it worked-5 minutes ago! now i try to add sharon's (sage creek farm)-add it keeps adding it twice I've been working on this too long-what the @#*&!! is my computer possessed or what? that's it-i'm done. effin computer-wish i could kick you. i'm goin on a walk.


Sharon said...

I've been wanting to do the same thing but Amy helped me set my site up in the place and blogroll the sites I read. I'm going to have to get her to help me because I don't remember how any more - it's been too long. I celebrate my one year blogaversary next month!

Birdsong said...

sorry it was such a pain, but thanks for the love... hey, I know that bull - his name is Wimpy, which I find truly hilarious.